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Greets from Allen To Netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Zephyr88, May 2, 2007.

  1. Gday 'veryone,
    Allen from Springvale here, lookin to buy a Suzuki vl250 Intruder, or a Honda VT 250C, Still goota get my Learners permit, not stopping me from gettin excited bout which bike to get though, any help would b much appreciated.

  2. Hi Allen, and welcome to the friendly forum! Lots of folks here have been down/still on the same path as you, so help is always available.
  3. Not much to split those two really, I loved the looks of the silver VT250C so that's what I bought. And got rid of fairly quickly.

    Be warned, cruisers don't go, stop or handle corners very well. If you have aspirations of quick riding, they're not much good. They do however attract maximum attention from ze ladiess and little kids, and they look cool. A few Netriders have recently traded their 250 cruiser for a 250 naked like the VTR250 or semi sporty bike like the GPX/ZZR/Across just because those bikes handle a lot better and deliver a better riding experience even if they're butt-ugly by comparison.

    Of course, plenty of people love the cruiser look and are very happy to ride at much more sedate speeds and not push their bikes in corners. If that sounds like you, you're gonna love either of the bikes on your shortlist. Personally, I like to chuck 'em about.
  4. Cheers

    Cheers for the prompt reply,
    I dont really wanna thrash the bike around, i just want a bike that looks good and can weave through traffic a little better than a car, initially i was looking towards a sports bike of some sort, but i took into factor the physical strain from riding a sportsbike to a cruiser, is there a middle ground? In which still has a "cruiserish" look that doesn't put much stress of the back, while providing better handeling than a cruiser?
  5. Re: Cheers

    Funny. i said the same thing about my ex gf when we first got together.

    Welcome and yeah. have fun choosing!
  6. They're not as pretty, but the VTR250 is what I consider pretty much the perfect learner bike:

    Same engine as the VT250C, plus they're comfortable, manoeverable and very easy to ride. Great for building confidence and they get around a bit in the twisties too, given the right pilot:

    These comfortable sporty bikes with upright seating position and no fairings are known as "naked bikes." The look might take some time to get used to but plenty of people love 'em.
  7. greetings from netrider to allen.....
  8. Loz and I don't agree on what the best big naked bike is :LOL:

    But I can't disagree that the VTR250 is easily the best naked 250, and to be honest one of the best 250's ever (naked or otherwise).
  9. Cheers

    Thanks for the info everyone, i went to peter stevens up on elizabeth st in Melb today, awesome place, great help, and i rkn i might b leaning towards the vtr250, however wont be certain til i can take some bikes for test rides, and thats not til i get my license which will b at the end of the month most likely
    thanks everyone
  10. Welcome aboard.

    I'm not real keen on cruisers as a first bike because they do handle, brake and basically do everything worse than any other bike. As such they can damage a learners confidence pretty easily.

    In the end it's your call, but I'd put my nod in for the VTR as well.
  11. Welcome Allen.... :applause: