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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by geeth, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. Hello All,

    Just got a new bike and thought that I would come and say Hi.
    Just got myself a yamaha xjr400. This is my first bike and I haven't riden for a while so hopefully the rain will stop over the w/e and I can take it out and learn the slow stuff again.

    And now I am not to sure what else to say :p
  2. I've been away from riding for the past 23 years, but have recently (last weekend) purchased a Honda Deauville NT650. I've got lots of riding techniques to catch up on! I've found the topics on Netrider incredibly interesting and helpful and look forward to learning something new everyday and riding a little better each time I get on the bike. What an adventure!! :)
  3. Nice, hope you find it easy finding a nice spot to practice. I have a housing estate being built behind my house so nice new roads that no one uses.
  4. Hi and welcome Geeth :)

    Hope the weekend was good for some learning.
  5. A little warm but have been doing some. Slow rides to quiet and busy roads and the motorway a few times.

    Now time to rest :p
  6. Welcome Aboard !
  7. Welcome both of you :).
  8. hey

    welcome to NR ;)
  9. Welcome aboard Geeth.
  10. Found some quiet, big carparks in my area and spent Sunday afternoon practising the slow, tight turn work and lots of emergency braking with pleasing results. Hope you're enjoying the yamaha xjr400 geeth. The Deauville is no tiger, but it purrs along beautifully. Every ride so far has made me :)
    Thanks for the welcomes!
  11. Hi there geeth, welcome to NR!
  12. Welcome to NR Geek !!
    :oops: I mean Geeth .. :wink:

  13. Geek isn't far off the mark :p