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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ibanez, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Hi to all, been lurking here for about a week and finding heaps of information. About to get my licence through Qride, just having a few refresher lessons first. About to by my first bike also, its so hard to decide. Looking forward to learning more from this forum.

  2. Hi ibanez, welcome from another Ipswich rider! :grin:

    Where are you doing QRide, and what bikes are you thinking of getting?
  3. Welcome. Stick around, learn some and contribite some. :)
  4. im doing my Qride at noyesmotorcycles. I ve got my eye on a secondhand GSXR750.
  5. Howdy and welcome to a fellow ipswichian.
    I also did my q-ride through noyes. they are good but tough.
    All the best for that.
  6. hi and welcome to NR
  7. hi and welcome to NR
  8. greetings :)