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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Squash, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. G'day All

    I first got on the back of a bike about 5 years ago as a pillion and said to myself, "F$5k Me, :shock: I gotta get one of these". Unfortunately the timing wasn't right and it kind of slipped my mind, I ended up buying a WRX instead. But after 2 years of owning the WRX I was sick of the $$$ I was dumping into it and sold it. So what to do with the leftover money, new car, house, maybe a bike? MR responsible would buy the house. So that was good enough reason to get my L's and purchase a shiny new Hyosung GT250R. It already feels to slow, but seems like a decent bike so far. I'm sure I'll cop some flack for buying new and buying a Hyosung! :wink:

    Anyway, hope I can contribute to the forum, everyone seems like good guys and gals. I'm in Newcastle and look forward to joining fellow NETRIDERS on any rides they may come up.

    Hopefully in 15 months I'll have a shiny new Triumph Daytona 675 in the garage as well. :cool:



  2. welcome bloke, good to see you've seen the ligyht and lost a coupla wheels :wink:

    Don't worry, you'll cop a heap of flack for just about anything here... cos that's what we're like :LOL: :LOL: (mainly good natured stirring tho)

    So where are ya?

  3. Not from me, g'day etc
  4. Hey, welcome to the forums..! Heard some good things about those hyosungs, and at least they look good :grin: Sure it won't be too long till you're off restrictions anyway (thou it feels like foreva :( ). Take it easy and enjoy your time here, plenty of wisdom to go around if you know where to look :grin: :grin:
  5. Josh, welcome to Netrider and to a vigorous Newcastle group, too; keep an eye out in the NSW Events section for rides in and around the area....

    And don't let them rubbish you for buying a Korean bike; they laughed at people who bought the early Japanese bikes, too, while they were mopping up the oil under their out-dated wheezy pommie sickles.....
  6. hey there Josh, welcome to Netrider. Yep they let all sorts in here even Hyosung owners! :wink: :LOL:
  7. welcome josh i love the look of the hyosungs, i will be moving to newy as soon as i sell my house here and hope to catch up then :grin:
  8. welcome to nr, just a question why didnt you get the GT650RL
  9. like everyone else has said - welcome.... :)
  10. Welcome, great choice of bike for the money. Enjoy netrider...
  11. Thanks for all the welcomes everyone. :grin:

    qbnspeedfreak, I was considering the 650 but I thought it might be too much for me. I've never ridden anything other than my pushy before so I was a little scared to tell you the truth. There was also the extra cash, considering I will probably go to a proper sports bike when I finish with my P's.

    Having said all that though, now that I have ridden the 250 for a few weeks I'm thinking I should have bought the 650 and de restricted it. :eek: I love the sound of a big twin! Oh well....
  12. you wouldnt have found the 650 any differnet to the 250 other then weight imo hyo restrict the bikes to far, but you would have the chioce of getting the sldies changed on the sly to open her up abit once you got used to riding
  13. Thats what I get for making hasty decisions...Next time I'll come here and ask peoples opinions. :wink:
  14. Welcome Josh. As Hornet said, we have a fairly active Newcastle contingent here on Netrider. You may like to check out this thread for an upcoming ride. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=33103
    You'll usually find some of us in at the foreshore on a Sat or Sun arvo parked near the old tug berths near the Pilot Station. Drop by and say hi.
  15. Sounds good Simon. I haven't been in there for a long time. Although I'm guilty of doing being a regular when I first got my car license. :oops:

    Hopefully the weather improves this weekend, its been wet or stinking hot for the last week.
  16. Welcome to NR squish....oops sorry I meant Squash :p
  17. Hi Josh
    Nothing wrong with buying what makes you happy!
  18. Hey Josh and welcome. Similar thoughts went through my mind when I had my first pillion ride almost two years ago.... and now my bike is the love of my life.
    Welcome to NR! :grin: