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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Butzull, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Being new and all, I thought I'd get the posting juices flowing by getting the newbie thread outta the way.

    After years overseas, I came back to Melbourne and finally got my butt into gear and got my bike licence. I work with another Netrider who suggested I have a look around here, and this place seems to have just enough weirdos for me to fit right in. :)

    I'm now about 8 months of the way through the restrictions and having a ball with my VTR250, so with 4 months to go I'm researching the next bike, but I'm sure over the next couple of months you'll get familiarised with my situation and questions quite well as I pick the collective brain here(current flavour of the month is a Viffer).

    Anyways, I look forward to meeting some of you at coffee one of these days or on a nice ride day.

    Butz. :cheeky:

    P.S. A Trenshadow, here? Good grief that name sounds familiar. :shock:
  2. wecome. this place is a mix of young and old, mostly goodies, nerds and weirdos.

    i recommend the zx9
  3. Mmm ZX9 goodness,
    Welcome Butzull.
    I am however a fan of the Thundercat (YZF600)..
  4. Thanks for the responses.

    I wasn't going to start already, but hey, I can see I've been asking for it.

    Initially I was thinking of going up to the 600cc supersport types, R6, Gixxer, etc, but then I thought about my lifestyle and all that and realised it wasn't the most (oops, I can't believe I'm going to say it) 'practical' choice.

    I guess once the restrictions are gone, I'll be commuting a lot and many of the longer rides will be day trips or tours with my wife, so a lot of distance and a lot of pillioning...so the greyhounds don't make much sense.

    At the moment I am looking at all the usual smaller Sports Tourer types, VFR, GSX750F, FZ6S, ER-6F, etc. At the moment I'm not really considering the litre-plus range, even though it might be best suited in the long run. Stepping up 80kg or so in bike will be enough for this one.

    Add to that, I'm quite a short-a#$e, just 165 (5'5") so need to consider that. The VTR is listed with a seat height of 790, most of those I've listed are around that or up to 805 with the Viffer. I'm sure I can manage that.

    Of course there'll be more thorough analysis, plenty of hopping on and test rides closer to the day, but it's nice to get suggestions and live vicariously through the theoretical purchases until that day.

    Butz. :cheeky:
  5. ZX14 is only 60kg heavier than my ZZR. I'm trying to convince myself, otherwise er-6f is likely. I only have 4 months to go as well. Good luck with your choice
  6. ONLY! 60kg. It might not be in proportion to the extra power, but it does make a big difference in how easy the bike is to live with.

    I wouldn't be buying a ZX14 unless I was only going to be touring on it. Even then it'd be tar only and if it wasn't mostly straight line.

    Put it this way, I ride every day and ride a GSXR1100 and I think the ER would be a good bike for me.
  7. Well Butzull, welcome. And I'm sure your will relise your dreams as you are looking for a new bike when you start considering those wonderful v-twins. :grin:
  8. mmm yummy er-6 nakedness...
    Still on my L's so a long way to go for me... I'd like to hear back from reports of the er-6 if you choose to go that way.
    being a smaller bloke I'd find the litre bikes too big and heavy to manouver... I do like the '06CBR600 too but then the practicality issue comes in...

    oh yes welcome butzall
  9. Welcome Butzull
  10. Butzull - there's a bloke who helps run the Netrider group ride on thursday nights who has an ER-6. He's a good fella and I think you'd get some good advice on that subject if you popped out on one of the thursday evenings at Brighton/StKilda BP.

    Worth a look if you're interested - plus you get to join in for another coffee night!
  11. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Gozzy, sounds good. I've got in mind to go for some of the coffees and group rides before long, including the Thursday Mystery, so thanks for the heads-up...I'll certainly ask for the inside goss from someone with experience on them. :)

    Butz. :cheeky:
  12. And welcome from me too :grin:
  13. Hi Butzull!

    I ride everywhere on my Thundercat (YZF600R) and it is an extremely comfortable and agile commuting bike. It is also brilliant for touring - i get at least 350km out of the 18litre tank- and is way comfy enough. Just to prove it I rode it from south of Melbourne to Cooktown last year, and back again, and am heading back to Brissy in a couple of weeks. It can cope with distance and a load (no disparagies your missus there!), and having also pillioned on one (not mine) I can vouch for the fact that the seat is not sloped forward at an angle suitable more for alpine skiing than for road riding!

    Worth thinking about anyway. Dare I say... practical AND fun!!! :grin:
  14. Hi Butzull and welcome to the forums :)
  15. Good luck on your bike hunting.
  16. wait wait wait wait wait! hold up there!

    THERE'S A ZX14?