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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Night_Stalker, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all

    I'm new to the forum and wanted to say Hi to everyone out there. I've been reading the forums over tha last few days and wanted to introduce myself.

    I don't own a bike myself, but I'm looking to get my first ride some time in the coming months. I'm a reasonable mechanic, having worked on my share of cars, but no Bikes at this point.

    The bank is a bit lean so I was also looking for a cheapish used bike, with a view towards restoration (for some reason any vehicle I drive always ends up leaving me in better condition than when I purhcased it). So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good oldish bike to pick up and work on? I'm not worried too much about the money involved as I get a lot of enjoyment in the restoration.

  2. welcome to the boards mate, sorry i can't offer any advice on cheap older bikes to restore.... actually i am a bit shocked that the OFRC haven't posted 10+ pages on old shitter that were the bee's knees of bikes 50+ years ago, that can now be can be restored and be a great bike :p :LOL:

    nah you will find a few members here actually know there shit, problem is finding them, and following their advice.

    ps. i am not one of the knowledge memebers :LOL: ;)
  3. Welcome :)
  4. Welcome to the friendly forum

    Ignore stewy's provacative blurb, back in our days bikes were ....zzzzz .....zzzzzzz

    Oh, sorry, dozed off there for a minute :LOL:

    Why don't you get in contact with Typhoon, (Andrew) in Newcastle, he has a Kawasaki Z650 for sale, registered and all, but it would be fun to get it back to its former glory......
  5. I've got a 1985 SRX250 that only starts when the Moon is in the second house of Orion and the second Tuesday of any given month...

    It's out of rego, but it's okay except for the starting problem. Once it starts it goes preety well...

    Whereabouts in Sydney are you??

    Oh, and welcome to the forums...
  6. Welcome to the asylum.
  7. As much as it Pains me to show you this, as i really want this bike, i am unable to purchase it anytime soon. Also you seem to have a MUCH better background for doing a restoration and this would be a nice old bike to do up. It also has the benefit of being a 650, LEARNER LEGAL and the best part of all is the fact it's a KAWASAKI, GO TEAM GREEN.


  8. Welcome to the forums. As for bikes a single cylinder like the SRX250 or a SR500 might be a good option - cheap and easy to work on and should make a good learner bike too.
  9. Thanks

    Thanks all for the warm welcome

    That Z650 looks like a really nice bike to restore. Might be a little too nice, I haven't worked on any Bikes before and I'd hate to spoil it.

    Pete, I'm in Sydney in the Hurstville area if that helps any. The SRX250 looks like the kinda thing I might be interested in. Any ideas what that starting problem might be? PM me I might like to take a look at it.

    Thanks again guys.