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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Luk3z, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Firstly Hello to all of you :]

    I’ve been browsing the site for several hours and since I've been thinking about getting my Bike License I decided to join up.

    First and most important question I have.

    I know this has been covered, their just is so much information just hard to put it together and figure facts from the fiction.

    1. Getting your learners, then to your P's in Victoria; how do you go about it what is involved?

    And secondly can any 1 recommend any Riding Schools within the Moringthon peninsula region, that tailor tutorials for Total Newbs (Like me with no pervious riding experince) - Beginners-Intermediate.

    So I get my head around it all and give my self the best possible training to minimize the risk of when I get on the road?

    Also reading through threads, people suggested in buying your own gear, for when going to these lessons.

    With so much information I still only could gather that:

    The Drri Rider DriMesh was a good option, (how good is it really in winter)
    But for the rest of artier pants, boots, gloves, and helmet I’m still so confused.

    Basically I want the bike for like cruising and weekends as such rather then for daily trips, but occasionally riding to work and going out. Can any one help me?

    Im setting my self about 1500$ for the gear to put things into perspective.

    Anyways that’s all I can think of at the moment. Any other information is welcome :)

    Thanks allot in advanced.
  2. Baylink Motorcycle Training Academy 5971 9312

    come down to coffee , chat with the blokes and ladies , sitt on the bikes , look at everyones gear , get opinions ask questions .

    see rides and events section

    friday night coffee at southbank .
  3. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8894

    The DriRider Dri-mesh jacket was pretty useless as far as I could tell, booga can attest to how stuffed his is after one off and I understand it didn't do that good of a job. And you'll freeze in any kind of cool beeze let alone worrying about winter.

    Check out the DriRider Rallycross jacket for the the maximum flexibility (should handle all 4 seasons with the pack that comes as an extra option) while still being quite sturdy.
  4. First of all welcome to the forum mate :wink:


    License testers usually also have one-on-one training
    (at a cost of course).

    I was like you.. absolutely no riding experience.

    I did a pre-preparation course (which was incl in cost of learners)
    where I rode for 4hrs the w/end before getting my learners. This
    was the first time I'd ever been on a bike. By the end of the day
    the trainer said we'd all pass easily.

    Learners test consisted of 30 (i think) multi-choice questions. If u
    go over the learners book u cant fail. From memory youre only
    allowed a few wrong to pass. If you pass that test, u then do a
    riding test.

    The full license testing consists of riding test only which only takes
    no more than 10mins to complete, & you spend most of the day
    practising what you have to do in the test anyways.

    You start with 40 points, & each error you make, you lose a certain
    amount of points depending on what you did wrong. I finished the test
    with I think 25 points left.

    Unless you drop the bike which is instant failure, you'd have to have
    a shocking run to fail. I did mine with 19 others & only 1 failed - a girl
    who slammed on her front brakes; back wheel went up & she fell
    down :LOL:

    You can easily get all the protection you need for less than $1500 so u
    should be fine there. Depends on whether U go for known brand names
    or not.

    I got all my sh*t from ebay incl all my bikes..

    My helmet $150


    Gloves $60
    2 piece $550


    air-flow (summer) jacket $180
    Shoes ? (cant remember) less than $200

    draggin jeans $50

  5. $1500 is plenty for all the gear you'll need :D

    helmet ~$400 give or take. recommend at least middle range helment just because the cheaper ones tend not to last as long and arent as comfy

    summer jacket ~$200 wouldn't bother with the drimesh myself, i'm happy to sweat it out and have a jacket that will still keep me warm if the weather changes. i just wear a short cordura jacket.

    winter jacket ~$200 nice long warm jacket for the stormy freezing days. mine dont come out often, but its worthwhile having.

    leather gloves ~$80 basic gloves with knuckle protection.

    Winter Gloves ~$80 toasty warm waterproof gloves. dont ride on a cold day without them, its hard to brake when you cant move your fingers :LOL:

    Leather suit ~$600 grab a 2 piece unless you intend to do some racing, can wear just the jacket if you want and can zip the jacket off on a hot day while you stop for lunch

    Cordura daks ~$200 again, necissary for winter. you dont want your nethers freezing to the tank :shock:

    you dont have to get everything all at once, one set is fine for the season your in, or pick a more versatile set if your not planning on doing any extreme riding (super hot, super cold, super fast)

    and check out the netrider partners, you wont get prices like above going to a shop :wink:
  6. or be like dem scooter riders where thongs, shorts & singlet
    will do just fine :grin:
  7. Interesting, at what stage of the test did she do that? Licence or learners?

    When I did my licence, you were allowed to drop if after you came to a complete stop when doing the emergency stop procedure.
  8. I agree with Vic, for the licence test you were allowed to drop the bike after the emergency stop.

    For my learners the rules were way more strict, we couldn't drop the bike, stall the bike, go outside the lines during the cornering tests or the slow ride. Also doing the slow ride in less than 10 seconds was also a fail, perhaps HART are more strict (or greedy) because only 3 out of 12 passed.
  9. Hrmm they must've changed the rules since then because when I did mine 5 years ago, you couldn't drop the bike at all even during the emergency stop. 5 out of 11 people got instant disqualification when they dropped their bikes as it skidded in the wet. However nobody said you couldn't run with the bike keeping it upright while slamming on the brakes so I did that and passed :p :LOL:
  10. I did mine at HART 10 years ago and you could drop it then.

    Maybe its a HART thhing?
  11. Don't think so, I did my learners with stay upright(?) in ballarat, and it was pretty much the same as people are saying about instant fair if you drop it/put foot down etc.
    Probably part of the test now.
  12. Sorry I cant help myself, but up here in the sunshine, we have Q-Ride where any lunatic that has had a car licence for a year can get his licence and ride away on anything they like, all in the same day. A mate did exactly that on a ZZR1100. I also saw a Trumpy owner, with a brand new licence (not learners) who couldnt do a u turn without doing the duck-waddle.

    Now look me in the eye and tell me that the powers are interested in our safety. :roll:
  13. I did my pre-learners course at MTA and my learner course at HART where they expect you to have little or no previous riding experience, i found that if you were not a complete unco and had the ability to balance on a bicycle you could pass the course.
  14. rules must have changed since u did your license bro
    bc now if u drop it, its all over red rover!

    Stalling the bike isent a failure, but dropping it is
  15. I did my learners & license @ MTA.

    Just like I said, its very hard to fail a test these days
  16. Why do you insist on excluding the other component of our membership? Flip and 'Fling (and their cohorts) have just as much to contribute.