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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RedskullDC, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    New to NetRiders, but not to motorbikes having been a rider for 40+ years.

    I also have the distinction of being the shadowey "BF" to whom TildeSam frequently refers.

    Look forward to meeting up with some of you on the forthcoming Mangrove Mountain ride.

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  2. ...and finally, he emerges onto the forums, after much coaxing! :rolleyes:
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  3. Well someone had better say hello then so he doesn't run away! Hi RedskullDCRedskullDC
  4. hey dude
    got the girls excited anyways
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  5. And here we were thinking maybe TildesamTildesam had been watching too much Drop Dead Fred and you were the imaginary BF. Welcome and see you at the club on the 11th
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  6. Bored of you old farts already :p
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  7. Maybe he makes good cakes
  8. in that case
  9. I thought that was how to turn the boys on. And a gun. Cake in one hand, gun in the other...
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  10. forget the gun
    unless you get it out of his pocket
  11. I'm afraid I don't understand that comment. :dummy1:
  12. well
    most of us can still learn
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  13. Welcome to the forums...

  14. Well now hold on, hold on.

    It's easy to FAKE a BF on a forum. Proof is in the 'seeing' - hopefully at Mangrove Mountain golf club!

    Welcome to the forum mate...there's no escaping now!
  15. a muffin works for me ;)


    gday RedskullDCRedskullDC and welcome to NR - you feature in many tales around here so we expect big things from you - no pressure! looking forward to meeting you and Sam on the Mangrove Mountain ride.
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  16. Welcome to the asylum!
  17. Welcome mate :cool:
  18. welcome aboard :)
  19. Welcome mate :)