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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Rexxy, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. G'Day All,

    Just got my bike 'L's as a long time cager (see I'm already picking up the lingo).
    Doing my research into first bikes, what's allowed, what's stupid etc. I've already learned a couple of things just by lurking on here today while waiting for stuff to happen at work.
    Trying to convince my wife to get hers at the same time.

    I look forward to some two wheeled fun!

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  2. Welcome RexxyRexxy definitely try and encourage your wife to get her L's - I really enjoy riding with my other half - have fun :happy:
  3. Welcome to Netriders and to being a bike rider! I see you're from Brisbane, personally I would suggest Hart for your Qride. Two day course and really approachable guys. We were quite lucky to only have 3 in the course.

    Good luck with bike choice, I stressed about it for a while, but once I got my licence I needed to make some quick decisions and not regretting my choice at all!!
  4. G'day RexxyRexxy and welcome to NR. If your wife wants to get her Ls too, motorcycling would be a great thing to be able to do together.
  5. Welcome to NR
  6. Got my RE on the weekend. Off to the TMR as soon as it opens! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
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  7. Hey RexxyRexxy, welcome to NR and congratulations on getting your licence (y) Agree with PeonyPeony and XJ6NXJ6N, work on your wife getting her L's too, you'll have great fun together. Good luck with choosing your bike, exciting times! Oh and love your avatar :D
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  8. Wifey had a crack at QRide on the weekend as well. She is a complete beginner and a petite lady, so even on the 125 it was a challenge and not the most enjoyable experience for her. She has small hands which made the levers difficult for her. It would be nice if QRide providers offered easily adjustable levers.
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  9. Don't let this experience stop her. I'm tall but slim and have small hands. I've never ridden before in my life (had to learn to cycle before doing my L's). Practicing on little DRZ125 helped me heaps, I managed to do my test on CB125 after 8 weeks on and off riding in paddocks. I got CBR500RA as my first bike and installed adjustable levers before taking delivery, problem solved! I hope she'll persevere with it, there is a huge pot of gold (and permanent state of bliss) to be found at the end of this road ;)
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  10. Helmet- check! Jacket - check! Strides - check! Gloves - check!
    Boots 'n' bike.... hmmmm.
    Thinking of getting a smaller bike, maybe a 2nd hand 2007 cbr125 so the missus can learn on it. There's one on bikesales that already has adjustable levers on it, but for the age and price I could nearly buy a new cb125 and modify it. Still weighing up options.
  11. welcome aboard :]
  12. Boots - check!
    Bike - real soon now. Just need to shake this lurgy to do some test rides.
  13. CBR300RA - Saturday!
  14. hi! After doing my Ls course on a cb125 i realized i don't need more power, plus i generally felt petrified at the time, so i brought a cbr125 r 2008 model, its been great to learn on and i felt more comfortable with its small size and my handling capabilities. If your missus is nervous and a smaller lady then i recommend it. Iv had it now for 3months, it hasnt lost any value so im about to upgrade to something in the 300cc range! Super excited!
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  15. Maybe she could get the L's on a scooter, then get a bike when she finds the right one.
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  16. Got the machine yesterday, but just a short ride home due to train. Spent the afternoon checking it out and fitting it in the garage.
    50km run in ride this morning.
    Missus looking at cb125s now.
  17. Good to hear you have a bike now. The CBR300's are a good bike, I guess your short ride home was due to the rain rather than the train [​IMG] As you say your missus may find the CB125 a better match. They are a good price and very light.