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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mellermick, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. I'm Mick. I ride an '07 BMW K1200R which I picked up in June with 18000Kms, well looked after and a host of extras including BMW expandable hard panniers, cruise, driving lights etc. It also has a Corbin leather saddle but around town/short rides I use the stock seat. I live in Alexandria in Sydney, I work with my wife on our own business, I play drums and I like bikes (and cars!). Cheers.

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  2. Is there anything he can't do :LOL:?
    Welcome to Netrider, Mick!
  3. Welcome Mick.
    I'm in Alexandria too.
  4. Welcome to NR Mick!
  5. Howdy doody :)
  6. Mick rhymes with Nick, you ride bikes (and a nice one), you play drums (as I do)... AND you're here on Netrider !
    Welcome, Mellermick :)
  7. G'day Mick, welcome from Zetland.

    Gorgeous avatar.
  8. Thanks folks. Nice to be here.
  9. Welcome to the forum Mick!
  10. Welcome to NR..
  11. welcome aboard mick :]
  12. Welcome Mick, for your, and Nick's sake I won't start on the collection of drummer jokes. ;)
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  13. Welcome to the forum!

    Try doing that on your fuel tank whilst riding. And GoPro it. Would love to see it mate!
  14. Do you mean something like this?
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  15. give it time
  16. Exactly what I had in mind! Love it!