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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Wizza_Wozza, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. .......new soon to be L plated rider from Hobart.

    Contemplating a bike purchase and wanted to get feedback from the forum about the new Benelli 600s I saw on Bikesales. Around the $9k mark with a Hobart based distributor being announced shortly.

    Thoughts, comments or concerns much appreciated.......
  2. Welcome to NR ! So jealous of your location !! ;) - was there just over a month ago with a bunch of Netrider members :D
    Awesome place to be a bike rider !
  3. You from Slowbart, Wozza? We're probably cousins! Actually, make that second cousins... I was originally from near Launceston... ;)

    Anyway, wElCoMe To NuTrIdEr! :wacky:

    Now, since Wozza and I are virtually brothers, being Tasmaniacs and all, there's probably a family resemblance, so there's no need to ask if he's hot: we all know I'm as hot as hell, so family resemblances being as they are, he's gotta be as hot as hell too! :D
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  4. Welcome Wizza Wozza, Benalli is an old Italian marque with a great history. They have been bought by a Chinese company now and their manufacturing is split between Italy and China. I haven't heard any reports on what their build quality is like after the buy out. In case things go wrong it would be better if there is a local dealer.
  5. .......weather has been fantastic recently but being Hobart just starting to get chilly. Where did you visit when here ?
  6. ...being told by a Melbourne based Benelli distributor that a Hobart distributor will be announed shortly. Then I have 2-3 month wait for stock......
  7. G'day , have a look at the thread [Feb 28, 2014] Tassie Tour 2014 . We were there for 8 days , based in Hobart for 6 nights , did various trips ranging from there - Gordon Dam , Mt Wellington , Southport , Tahune Airwalk , up the east coast to Coles Bay and Elephant Pass back down through the central highlands. Up the west coast to Queenstown , Strahan , Cradle Mountain etc .