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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Berniemac3377, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Hello netriders, I'm also a newbie to bike riding and has less than a month till I get off my P's. Im also new to the netrider website and still learning but looking forward to joining group rides. I've always wanted to get a bike and after years (On & Off) of trying to convince/ pestering my wife she finally let me get one.

  2. Happy days :) looks like we're going to have all of the Druitt covered soon lol

    Welcome to NR (y)

    What bike are you riding at the moment?
  3. WELCOME TO NR, Berniemac! I also lives near your's and SydMadAss' area. I'm very noob rider, still learning and building confidence to get out in a busy road.
  4. do you guys mean plumton is a real.place ?
    welcome plumptonite
  5. Yes Phil Plumpton is real. Lol.
  6. I had a ninja 250r but traded it in for a gsxr-600 so now I still have to wait for about 27 days till I can ride it
  7. Just curious, if you had traded your Ninja 250r for gsxr-600, does it mean that you already got delivery of the gsxr and you handover your 250r, but you can't ride the gsxr until you are off your P's in ~26 days? In other words, you are not riding atm? :-s

    'Curiousity kills a cat' - Little River Band :nopity:
  8. Yes I traded my ninja 250r for my gsxr-600 coz I couldnt say no to their offer. It was a run out sale and saved me a lot of money. ATM I've only been riding around my block just to get used to my gixxer.
  9. Welcome to NR. (y)

    It's a pity that wives are always party poopers. :)
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  10. You'll be fine. That was the good thing about my ninja, it was easy enough to ride and made me confident straight away after riding it for 15 mins and then off I went. Where abouts have u been riding/ practicing?
  11. Im riding a GSXR-600L1. Well sort of riding it. :D