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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by panayiotis, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Im Peter and Im an alcoholic.....

    well not really

    Been mucking around on 4 wheels all my life, always had a hankering to get onto 2. Lived in Japan a few years ago, had a scooter, but thats about the extent of my experience. Got my L's in February at HART, however haven't ridden since. I have booked myself into a refresher course early July and will then look to purchase my first bike just after that. Initially I have been thinking Honda CB400, however given the high cost for a bike that I will ride weekly at most Im starting to have second thoughts.

    From Templestowe in Melbourne, no doubt I have actually seen a few of you as I am a regular kinglake, reefton etc visitor.

    Don't know what else to say, I like long walks along the beach......](*,)
  2. An alcoholic who likes long walks on the beach ... you'll fit right in here..

    p.s. if it was me, I'd buy a shitbox to learn on and save the big money for the bike I really want when I'm off restrictions.
  3. Welcome to NR
  4. Hello Peter. Do you like horses and music (all sorts) as well? <astrology conversation> ... shit ... </astrology conversation>

    So bikes, eh? Awesome!

    Good to have you here.
  5. Thanks guys, after spending most of the morning reading through the forums I'm thinking a GS500 may be the way to go. This way I get a bigger bike (for me, the bigger bloke) whilst at the same time not breaking the bank. Just need to wait for the right one to pop up now!
  6. Yia sou panayiotaki welcome to the madness.
    A gs500 is a great all round learner and beyond bike.
  7. Welcome to NR.

    We dont go for long walks along the beach but we practise cones near the beach on Saturdays. Does that count? :D
  8. welcome to Netrider, we cater for all-sorts here :LOL:
  9. Hi and welcome to NR.

    You may think you will only ride weekly, but once the bug truely bites, you will be having withdrawals if you don't get in your daily ride.
  10. i go for long walks along the beach also! and enjoyed a budweiser this evening :)

    welcome to the forum - for just a get up and go, putter around town and enjoy on the weekends bike ... you can't go past the GS500 :) good choice, should be some great deals to be had as winter is here and people don't like buying bikes in winter, so the sellers get desperate and take almost anything ;)
  11. Thanks for the welcome guys, and the advice...desperate sellers eh....sounds like music to my ears!
  12. Welcome, Panayioti and good luck with the GS500.
    You'll really enjoy riding it :)
  13. Thanks Nickers, hopefully going to pick one up tomorrow.

    we're in the same area mate
  14. Awesome, manga !
    PM anytime you're free and keen for a catchup/ride/coffee.
    Have fun !
  15. Welcome to NR. You'll only grow more confident with each ride.

    I remember hitting 60 km/hr and I thought that was fast....