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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Compleks, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Greetings one and all!
    I've just spent the last few hours reading stickies and am feeling... overwhelmed really :) But also informed.

    I have always relied on public transport to get to and from work. But various factors lately have got me thinking about getting my own transportation.
    I never bought a car because I didn't want to spend the money. Even a cheaper car would end up costing a small fortune in fuel, maintenance, insurance etc...

    Not to say owning a bike won't cost money, but I assume it would be considerably cheaper?
    I've never ridden a bike before, but it's definitely always appealed to me and something I would like to try.

    Anyway. I just wanted to pop in and say G'day.
    I've got a lot of learning to do, so I'm sure I'll be hanging around picking your brains.

    Cheers :)
  2. Welcome to Netrider, Compleks! I dunno about cheaper, somehow I've spent more money on the bikes I've had then I ever did on my car. Ha. Definetly more fun though. :D
  3. Welcome Compleks :)

    Owning a bike - aside from how much the bike is, these are the costs to factor in:
    Helmet - $200-600
    Gloves - $80-150
    Boots - $100-300
    Pants - $100-200
    Jacket - $150-400

    Now, also depends if you're going to be riding in the rain, then you'd need wet weather gear also, and it can cost more for maintenance, however, if you're fairly handy with tools, you could do a lot of it yourself and save some money.

    Tightening chain, regular chain cleaning and lubing, minor services (oil and coolant top up/change, checking spark plugs, bleeding the brakes etc) and whatnot.

    Now, fuel is cheaper. On my learner legal bike, I got about 220-280k's to a tank, and it cost about $15-18 to fill up.

    Good gear can last for years, so it shouldn't be a yearly expenditure.

    If you're under 25, insurance will be very expensive on a motorcycle - especially as you're a male, and no previous history.

    Rego + CTP, depending on what sized bike you get and what state you're in, should be okay, it can range from something awesome like $200 all the way up to $800 I believe.

    Just do lots of research, but ultimately, it comes down to passion also. My bike is my everything - I love it. Commuting, long weekend rides, up to the shops, heading to a mates place - all on my bike. I don't drive and don't want to.

    Riding in the rain has advantages and disadvantages.

    How good are your reflexes?
  4. If you buy a 125cc bike or scooter then yes.

    Anything over that is going to cost more. It's why you don't see many >150cc bikes in Asia. They worked out a long time ago that a 1000cc car is far cheaper to run, and far more practical.

    Best to think of bikes as a hobby, that you can also use to get to places. In that respect it at least sure beats the f&*k out of taking up golf :).
  5. When i first went for my stay upright course. I was quiet scare at first getting on the bike.But after the first day , i actually love it. I couldnt wait to pass the course and get me L. Finally after owning the bike i couldnt wait to go for a ride everyday.I just love it, i never thought i could ride such a bike because it look heavy and difficult. I am glad i have a go.

    Owning a bike is not like owning a car. Where as a car you can just jump in with your sandal , short, singlet and off you go. Where as for bike ,you need accessory to keep you alive on the road as there are too many idiots on the road. All your accessories do add up a fair bit as i found out on my first time.

    I was shock looking at the price tag on those items...but hey if it going to save my life, i dont mind spending at that amount. like the saying goes...you can replace the items but you cant replace someone life...

    Good luck on your first bike when you do decided to go for it. You wont regret it...
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys, great forum you have here!

    I guess I'll have to sit down and weigh up my options.
    I appreciate all the insight.

  7. If I were you I'd get me a 250cc or less road trail AKA dual sport. They will go everywhere the bigger road bikes can and heaps of places they can't, they are piss easy to work on, cheap to buy second hand and the motors in them last forever. 250cc or less and you're looking at **** all for fuel. Unless you drop them real hard on the engine casing or get hit by a car, any drop or crash is not likely to cost you much money to fix, if any at all. I smashed my Suzuki DR650 straight into the embankment on a residential road that I was going way too fast for at like 30-50 km/h by not seeing the "SLOW DOWN" sign for a tight corner, not a single bit of damage on it except for a scuffed right hand mirror head and a scratched brush guard.
    Which state do you live in? Have a look at a Yamaha WR250 or a road legaled Honda XR250. Or if you can find one and make it road legal, a Suzuki DR250. You will be able to take any of these bikes out onto some motorcycle trails and have an absolute hoot due to their light weight and low-down torque. Then you can upgrade to a bigger road trail like my DR650 down the track, or if you decide that road trails are not your thing then you can go for a sports bike, or something in between.
    Good luck!!
  8. +1 to Kernel - you'll love it.

    And welcome to NR!

  9. Of course the KLR650 owner is gonna give me the thumbs up for suggesting a road trail lol.
    Say KLR Nirvana, are you in Victoria? I have an EOI thread for a dual sport/dirt bike ride.

    Edit: Just saw you're in Knoxfield. Real close to me! I live in Dandenong.