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Greetings, two new Melbournians here to stay

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Freeform, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Hey there all,
    Ive been lurking around these forums for the past month and am amazed at the wealth of information that this place provides.
    I started riding about 2 weeks ago, and as a new rider naturally I googled everything I could possibly learn, and every search some of the most usefull tips or info came from netrider, good work fellas.

    Anyway riding is my latest obsession, Ive got an 09 vtr 250 (black), as does my misses Sandra (twins:-({|=!.... she refused to budge from black and so did I...)
    Im the more competent out of the both of us as shes still finding her feet (has a little fall on collins st 5 days ago, scratched muffler, knee, ego, and front brake lever), but we help each other learn.
    Anyways we live in Melbourne cbd so if you see two black vtr 250's with L's on, one steaming ahead through traffic and the other honking and flashing her lights, the would be us, so give us a nod/toot :)

    Keen to meet some people, learn alot, and most importantly, go for some rides.

    Oh btw we are heading to sydney on sunday for a 4 day trip there and back to get sandras passport, we wanted to take princess highway along the coast, any tips on a good half way point to stop, some nice roads, or routes?
    Im a bit lost and was thinking about just going for it... leaving sunday, gotta be in sydney 9:30 AM Tuesday and back by 9AM thursday in melbs.
    might just post in the touring forum huh..8-[


    :-s Shem
  2. Welcome in :)
  3. Welcome aboard guys, heaps of newbies joining this awesome site, Im one my self, will be good to catch up with every 1.
  4. Hi Freeform and welcome to NR. If you want some tips try Saturday morning learner practice meeting at the Elwood Marina BP. Also there is the more or less regular Sunday Learner friendly ride.
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    ...and once you feel up to it, you can just turn up to the Tuesday Night ride....
    I work in the CBD and usually go directly there after having coffee on City Square.
    So, if you see a big black guy on a big black bike (M109R), come over and say hi!

    (I won't mention the TNMR yet! ;))
  6. Thanks fellas,
    TNMR? do I dare ask?
    I take it the Tuesday night rides are for those with a bit more experience, but we would love to come say hi at the weekend ones, maybe in a coupla weeks.

    We'll have to meet up at the square once I get a few more k's under my belt phoenix.
  7. G'day mate. Welcome to the forums. Enjoy.
  8. Hey welcome in! Twin vtr's how cute haha you guys will have fun learning together!
    Enjoy the ride!
  9. Welcome and I think it's great that you are both learnign to ride together. My girl just bought all of her gear and I can't wait until she get's a bike. TNMR attract a different kind of crowd and like to go a tad bit fast around the burbs of Melbourne.
  10. Welcome Shem and Shemette. Two for the price of one - excellent stuff.

    sorry I cant help with you planning your trip to Sydney. Ride safe.

  11. I completed a weekend ride to Sydney and back a few weeks ago.

    R u riding up there?????
    I'd personally put a few more k's under you belt first but that's up to you guys.

    I went up via Yarra Glen, Yea and turned off left just before Mansfield for my first stop at Wangaratta.
    Then Hume all the way with stops at Gundagai and Marulan to Sydney.
    Left Melb at 6:15AM and arrived at 5:45.

    Returned via the coast with breaks in Kiama, Batemans Bay, Bermagui, Eden, Orbost and Sale. Left Sydney 8:30AM and arrived in Melb 10PM.
    All stops were about 30-45 min both ways.

    I really had to ride direct due to time constraints but there are plently of places to stop via the coast.
    If I had more time, would have stayed somewhere over night along the coast.
    Where?? Well take your pick as there are plenty of towns to pick from...

    Roads are all good riding roads.
    Hume is obviously mostly fwy and rather boring from a bikes perspective but quick. (watch for cops)
    Along the coast there are a few twisties at times with the best section being between Eden and Orbost (my new favorite road!)
    Turn off (detour) through Bermagui isn't bad either.........thanks hornet :)

  12. Welcome mates!

    Thurs nite Mystery Ride innit!
  13. Thanks everyone, much appreciated.
    'Shemmette' :rofl:

    Cheers for the pointers Joedelosa, yeah I really wish sandra had a bit more practise time but we really need to get up there to collect her new passport.

    Thats good to see you got there in one day mate, we will be stopping over somewhere on the coast at a halfway point there and back, dont want to tire sandra out too much.
    Definitly taking coastal route as Hume is gonna shit me to tears...

    I was thinking about stopping over at either Eden or Merimbula, oh and are those twisties part of the princes highway between orbost and eden or did you turn of and take a side route mate? would LOVE some twisties on the way...

    thanks for ya help ;)
  14. Road between orbost and eden contains a lot of sweeping bends, a few twisties here and there but a very good road with overtaking lanes in places.
    Make sure you give yourselves good break times in this section as it goes for quite a distance with only a small town in between not too far from Orbost.
    Amazing country though.

    Will need to go off the princess hwy to pass through bermagui.
    Either of of those places would be a good place to stop.
    I'd probably choose Merimbula as it's right on the coast.

  15. Sure thing, we as we are going to take 2 days each way, there will be plenty of breaks and will try to keep it at a nice relaxed pace (I get excited, especially on corners).
    Merimbula it is, and Ill check out the map to find that bermagui route.

    Much appreciated joe, I was really hoping the scenery would nice, as its sandras first real ride out and I want her to love it so she continues to go on day trips with me :p
  16. Will keep an eye out for you and your missus, which end of Collins do you park? Paris end or Legal end
  17. Curiosity... do you ever get confused about which bike is which? Wonder why the key won't turn? lol
  18. Haha funilly enough that was my first concern, so I memorised my number plate, but its pretty easy, mines IU490 and hers is IU491
    490 ftw=D>

    I dont want to accidentally get on hers, I think ive got a special bond with mine :), they do feel different.

    oh and Cthulu, we are at 565 flinders st, just near the grand hotel.
  19. Welcome to the nuthouse Shem, hope you and Sandra enjoy your stay ;)
    BTW thanks for taking over as the new resident "twins", atleast Jadey and I have different colour BMW F650GS's :p

    You should also check out the Friday Coffee Nights, Southbank