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Greetings to all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Greggles, May 1, 2015.

  1. Been back on a bike for a few years now. Twelve months ago had a little spill that had me laid up for 6 weeks and wrote off my Kwaka Cruiser. Have aquired a very nice GSX1250 that the previous owner had fitted out with all the mod cons for touring and sold for a great price. Looking forward to working out how to ride this site to keep up with the latest.

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  2. welcome aboard :] glad to see you're back in the saddle again
  3. Welcome greggles . The GSX great bike for eating up the miles of touring
  4. Welcome back to riding..
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome.8-|
    Yes many years ago I had the joy of owning a beautiful Honda CBX1000 had to sell as we started a family you know the story that goes with that. When I decided to get back into riding I was seduced by a gleaming black Vulcan Classic and thought maybe that would be nice. Don't get me wrong she was a lovely bike and we traveled many thousands of K's on her, even did the Great Ocean Road all the way from Toowoomba QLD and back without a hitch. But after getting Suz I remember how easy it was to chew up the miles on a nicely balanced sports tourer.
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  6. Welcome GregglesGreggles hope to see some pics of the beast soon. Enjoy the return ride! :)
  7. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  8. Welcome back.

    The big six? So, you used to be a bit of a lair? :)

    I'd guess that the GSX1250 is about as close as you could get to a modern day equivalent.

    I wish you very much joy of it.
  9. Well I suppose you could say that I was, but it just happened to be a beautiful girl flashing a lovely set of exhaust pipes at me and was in my price range and I fell in lust. I have very fond memories (as does my ex wife) of that bike and to this day regret the sale, but life moves on and now I have a new lady in my life.:D My latest bike of course I can't afford two women in my life.
  10. Welcome to the site Greggles, nice to have a fellow Queenslander on board.
  11. Ahh yes the right side of the fence...Mmmm maybe that comment may cause more issues than I can handle. :wacky:
  12. Guess we'll find out come State of Origin time