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Greetings! New rider.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by jimmy_g, May 12, 2010.

  1. Hey guys and girls,

    New member/rider (signed up ages ago but never posted!).

    Yesterday I got my L's after talking about it for the last 4 years! Did a 2 day course at HART Kilsyth, great guys btw.

    Waiting on the call today to say that my bike is ready to pick up - VERY excited! I'm a big fan of cruisers and have been ever since I saw Easy Rider as a young kid. I ended up buying a new 2010 Yamaha VXS650 Custom. A very spur of the moment purchase last week on my lunch break, but couldn't be happier.

    Love choppers and bobbers so figured this would be a great basis to customize (after riding for a few months).

    Keen to get out on some of the Vic L's days/nights to gain a bit more confidence on the road. I live inner city so kind of thrown into the deep end with traffic etc...

  2. Good stuff bud, welcome to posting
  3. Welcome aboard, and congrats on the great new bike.
  4. Howdy, you were in the same course as me. Was great fun!

    Congrats on the bike, looks great!
  5. Welcome aboard and congrats on the bike!
  6. Haha small world on the internet!

    HART Kilsyth were great! Highly recommend them, pretty easy going bunch of guys and a 100% pass rate on the day. Thats a win!

    Got a bike lined up yet? :D
  7. Greetings Jimmy! Welcome to the fray :D Congrats on the new cruiser *_* What a classy ride!
  8. Welcome matey
  9. Yep, the course was great!

    Sadly no bike as of yet, still need to work out my finances. :( Thinking I'll go back and do some practice sessions there soon so I don't get any rust while waiting.
  10. As long you have the jist of it you should be fine. I didn't buy a bike till 2 months after I got my L's and slowly but steadily what you learned on the laerner course all comes back to you.