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Greetings Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by spryce, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. New member, first post. Got myself a 2013 Ninjette 300 last week. Stoked.

    Had a few bikes growing up - XR80, KTM125, YZ250J and spent some time on a KX250 etc... Had my L's in the early 90's when licensing was very different but didnt have a road bike so let em expire in the end. I avoided riding on the road for years but now I've succumed to the call.

    Anyway, I sat my L's online (brilliant idea) and did the qride course a few days later so now I'm RE and livin the dream. I picked up my 2013 EX300 LE for only $4000 with 3090km on it. Yep :D The owner had moved and the bike had rego but no roadworthy and he was struggling to sell in our super frugal market so I jumped on that puppy like a fat kid on a fantail. Bargain.

    Anyway I was gonna attach a pic I took today on my ride up Mt Mee today but it looks like I need to host the images somewhere else. I'll figure that out later I guess.

    Heading out to Somersett and then down to Mt Glorious with a few lads tomorrow so looking forward to my biggest ride on the new machine.

    Anyway, this looks like a pretty cool community (I've been trawling the forums for the last few weeks) and I have plenty of questions Im planning to ask so Im looking forward to leeching the knowledge from your brains.

  2. Hiya Spryce from one forum newbie to another :3:3.
  3. Welcome :)

    Photobucket is what I use for pics.
  4. Welcome !
  5. Welcome. You'll be able to post pics internally here once you have made ten (?) posts....
  6. welcome aboard :]