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Greetings motorcycle based lifeforms

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Frenzy, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Hi all, I thought it was about time I got the proverbial finger out and contributed rather than lurked - so here goes.

    I'm based in the south east 'burbs of Melbourne, and a newbie at 43. (Old, not grown up)

    After years of "gunna get a bike one day", myself and the better half both got our learners in July.Then jumped on the net to figure out what type of bikes to buy....... that's where we discovered Netrider.

    Over the last couple of months we've got a GPX250 for me and a EL250 for her, as well as boots, helmets, gloves etc.... all with the advice of everybody who contributes here. Ta all.

    We've spent a lot of time cruising around the local area, slowly getting a feel for road riding and working up to longer rides. One day soon we hope to meet up with some of you for a coffee or a ride.

  2. Hey mate, (and mrs mate) Sth east burbs? come and join the gippy rides, there generaly run at suitable pace for one and all including learners
  3. Hullo frenzied individual... fancy seeing another south eastern GPX'er here.
    I have noticed that there are indeed many S.E. Melbournians that frequent Netrider and why shouldn't they ~ in all honesty it's the land of milk & honey isn't it? :p
    Are you and the good lady riding to work now or do you ride weekends?
  4. Thanks for the invite Woodsy, we'll probably take you up on that invite just as soon as her ladyship feels comfortable on the open road (i.e. gets her bike to 100km/h :oops:)

    No Vic, I have ridden to work once, but we're just a couple of weekend warriors at this stage.
  5. Mate Always welcome, have had new riders (80kph) on some rides (talk to Rossie) and it's all cool.
  6. Frenzy, welcome from another who is old but not grown up.
  7. Hi Frenzy, welcome to the madness that is netrider :)
  8. Welcome Mr & Mrs Frenzy :)
  9. [​IMG] to you both
  10. Welcome Mr & Mrs Frenzy. :wink:

    Plenty of netriders nearby & plenty of rides & opportunity to get involved.
  11. Thanks for the greetings all, hope to see you on the road or over a coffee soon.
  12. Welcome Frenzy :grin:
  13. Welcome Frenzy Family to the friendly forums :grin:

    Agree with Woodsy re Gippy rides, they are catered to all riders and encourage the learners to attend.

    And Woodsy meant to say 'Rosie' not Rossi so don't feel that we have race meets (well the ones that want to can do their own thing :) ).