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Greetings... it's been a while!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Eberbachl, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Hi Everybody,

    Luke here - I joined Netrider in February 2005, but haven't been around much for the last five years or so as we sold our bikes when we had kids.

    After five years, we couldn't stand being sans bikes any longer, and just picked up a new GSX650F for me (I'll have to change my avatar!) and a GS500F for my wife Hayley a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I'd drop back and say hi.

    Loving the bikes - great to be back out there!

    I see a few old faces around, and a whole bunch of new ones too!




  2. Welcome (back) Luke, you joined just a month before I did, I was known as Hornet600 for a long while, but now just Hornet. Great to see you both have bikes; I remember many wonderful trips with my wife when we both rode the Putty and other roads together....
  3. Thanks Paul,

    I've been riding since I was 17 - around 15 years up until five years ago when we sold the bikes. Hayley had spent many years on the back of my bike, and eventually got her license. She spent around two years on an Across riding alongside me before the kids came along.

    We had some great rides - including a ten day Tassie trip which was the highlight before the big sell-up.

    We're thrilled to have a couple of bikes again, and whilst we won't be able to ride as much as we used to we will be able to rope in the babysitters and get out fairly regularly for the odd afternoon coffee trip and maybe an overnighter if we're lucky.


    The GS500F is a perfect fit for a second bike for Hayley - she's pretty short, and the guys at Mick Hone did some great work lowering it for her. She hasn't been out solo yet - she's booked into a refresher course with HART before she has a ride. I've been riding it a bit, and whilst it ain't the same bike as my GSX650F its pretty damn fun!


    After a couple of weeks on the GSX650F I'm still stunned by how good it is. I've had a bunch of 900's and 750's prior to this and was concerned about going to a "little" 650, but boy... my concerns were unwarranted. It's bloody beautiful!

  4. Welcome back Luke :)
  5. Hey mate, welcome back to the jungle ;)
  6. Hi Luke and welcome back to NR
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys! :D
  8. Welcome home Son!