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Greetings from Vietnam.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cb400cc, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. Hi Friends.

    I'm a rider from Vietnam. My name is Ngoc, born in 1974, I love motorcycle, I've been riding for 17 years. I ride now a Honda CBR 600rr and a Honda xr 250cc Motocross. I hope to be welcomed here.

  2. Welcome in mate, your english aint to bad :)
  3. ?????????????????

  4. and you certainly are, mate.
  5. Welcome Ngoc
  6. Welcome Ngoc !
    Have fun on your CBR600RR mate and enjoy the forums :)
  7. Hi Ngoc... The first time I crossed the street in Ho Chi Ming I closed my eyes and walked across holding my breath. I have never seen soo many bikes. I can imagine you alongside all the 125 and 250cc You are going to be noticed!! Welcome and enjoy our rant (thats what we write)

    Stay safe
  8. Welcome :D Have fun on the forums!
  9. Hi Ngoc.... Having ridden in Vietnam last year. I am amazed that you ride such a "large" bike....
  10. Hi. Veryuglyboxer

    Where have you been last year, in the North or South ?. Yes you are right, it's not easy at all to ride a big bike in Cities as Hanoi or Saigon. I only ride my CBR in the open roads or some time I take it out for a cafe ride with friends on Sunday, to go to work I have a Honda moped scooter 125cc.

    About myself.
  11. HI Vossy.

    Amazing cos You've been back home safe.
    In all over Vietnam there are about 30.000.000 motorcycles/86.000.000 populations. The traffic looks crazy. You can not ride in here if you are not a law breaker.
    Thanks for your welcoming.

  12. Thanks for your welcoming Nickers777.