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Greetings from the North

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by schteyfi, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Have been riding for about 2.5 years. I think i have always wanted to ride since being a little kid who loved anything with wheels and could go fast!

    Got my stripes on an old BMW R65 which taught me alot about bikes and mechanics and how to fix a few simple things. Recently bought a Sprint ST 1050 and it was like learning to ride again. Only recently sold the old girl. At times riding the Sprint is like hitting the light speed button, or that little red button under the gear knob in a Bond car (i know some may scoff, but from ~40hp to 130 was amazing).

    Live fairly close to the OPH so some of you may have seen me out there. Hope to keep learning the art of riding and have a bit of fun out there. Thanks for all the info on here guys, its fantastic for newer riders!

  2. G'day mate and welcome to Netrider. Enjoy the 90hp boost dude (y)
  3. Welcome mate
  4. Welcome to the forum Schteyfi. What's that name mean anyhow?


    PS go the Roosters and go the OPH!
  5. Welcome Schteyfi!
  6. thanks for the greetings guys!

    the name is a form of my real name - Stephan. One of my friends overheard my mum calling Stephan in Dutch which sounded like Schteyfi to them (dutch background, kind of like saying little stephan) and the name has ben around for a few years now. Probably less exciting than you may have thought.

    Good weekend for the football John! doesnt look like riding weather according to my weather app!

    Got new tyres today, been breaking them in slowly, but my word they already feel so much more solid in the corners. This they are these new Metzler types... M5s i think, will write about them more once they get worn in a little.

    Stay safe out there guys - Schteyfi
  7. I hear good things about those Metzler M5s. Bad w/e for both the Roosters and the OPH :(