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Greetings from the land above

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by leighton_co, Feb 23, 2014.

  1. Howdy, (^^^)

    I am obviously new to this site.:sidecar:

    Ill be coming to Australia in march. Ill start in Perth and work my way across the continent towards Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane.:borg:

    Any and all advice about where to stay and where to go do stuff like what to eat, wheres the best campsites hotels Etc.. will be greatly appreciated.:shock:

    I have two friends down In perth and am looking to make some more!

    THANKS AGAIN:greyalien:
    James From Colorado USA (denver area):peace:
  2. Hi James, Crossing the Nullabor Plain is an adventure. You need reasonable range on what ever you ride. There are few members who have done it recently worth asking for advice.
  3. Welcome. You're doing alright, you haven't got here yet and you've got two friends already!!
  4. Hi James. I'm assuming you're riding a bike across Australia? Coming from Colorado you'll have some idea on distances at least. :). Welcome and enjoy our new lower exchange rate!


  5. thanks, im already aquainted with distance riding! I rode my r8o to texas last year at this time and I put about 9600km on it, not to mention Im really excited about the trip to your fair country.

    That lower exchange rate will only help! CHEERS!!

  6. RIght nice of you to say, Ive already found some of that info. A guy named Middo.


  7. Technically they were my friends beforehand..but that all matters little. I just get to go to their wedding if they let the rider of apocalypse in the front door.

    thats what ill probly end up looking like..that or ewan from long way round after a few months...