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Greetings from Sunny Queensland

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Sexisv, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Just joined after lurking around for a few weeks. I've found the site super interesting with lots of good info and advise with good lashing of humor.
    I've been riding a variety of bikes over the last 30+ years and my lastest addition is a SV650 which my main squeeze surprised me with for mothers day this year.
    So I'm a newbie on this site and virginal on the SV but she's such a sweetie to ride that I feel she's been in the stable for years.
    Still there's lots of interesting things to learn from others and maybe I can share some of my future adventures on the yellow beast.
    Sexisv :)

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  3. elo :)

    Welcome to the forums... please come along to CC's on a friday... its the other get together besides breakfast at my place... :wink:

    your invited to that of course.
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys and the Qld links. Looks like the Qld group have some great meeting places and some :cool: fun & funky characters in the group and I certainly will try to make a few of the meets.
    Thanks again
  5. 'allo



  6. You bet; welcome to Netrider; enjoy :).
  7. Welcome Sexisv
  8. darn mutts you beat me to it.....where have i been lately??????????????

    oh yeah.......slowly gettin a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:

    anyway, welcome from me too. look forward to seein you at CC and wardies.....
  9. And you have Bli Bli Caltex at 8am Sundays for a nice morning to afternoon ride every weekend.
  10. Welcome aboard.

    nice bike you've got there.