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Greetings from Reservoir

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Apocolypze, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    A newbie zzr250 rider from rezza. Attractive male, enjoys long walks on the beach. LOL =D>

    All jokes aside, i am from reservoir. I'm willing to take any advice i can get to become a better rider and hope to meet some local folk soon!

  2. Welcome apoco, haven't had the chance or the balls to go up for sat learning sessions, im still doing laps around the block ;) - know someone who has though, and their advise is come down and join in. So check out the thread if your interested.

    All the best and safe riding

    PGriz aka SirG aka GrizIT - via Tapatalk
  3. OK so is it Reser-vooor or Reser-vwaaah.

    (From a Thomastown resident).
  4. Unfortunately i work on sat days. However, im super keen for the famous sunday learner rides :D
  5. i prefer reser-vwaaah. Doesnt sound so rough
  6. According to the electronic lady on the train...it's Reser-vwaaar...the French way...I think it makes it sound more classy. Just like some say Lah-verton as to Laver-ton (Laverton). Rezza/Lavo just as good...everyone knows what you're talking about.

    Sunday/Tuesday rides are usually learner friendly. Only been to one Tuesday ride many moons ago...was pretty fun actually.

    Also welcome aboard :)
  7. I'm in Maribyrnong, lets meet up for the Sunday ride sometime (not this weekend though)

    All these weirdo forumers are from SE suburbs haha
  8. What's a train? Does it have more than two wheels?
  9. It does and I have noticed...no such thing as SMIDSY with these things...so they are in my good books.
  10. That must be because they have loud pipes.
  11. Its going to take more than an electronic lady on the train to make it sound classy.

    Welcome to NR
  12. Welcome to NR :)

    :rofl: Nice one Aly!