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Greetings from older "Newbie" to bikes

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by CR, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Got my "L's" a week ago and just joined netrider a couple of days ago. Just thought I'd jump on and make my self known. Looking forward to hopefully getting some wheels soon (probably a VTR250) and joining the coffee nights and meeting other like minded people. I'm in Knoxfield Victoria.


  2. You posted this in the wrong forum.
    You are in so much trouble now!
  3. Death by firing squad.... I dont think so and because you're thinking of a VTR you'll fit in wherever you post. :LOL:

    Welcome to NR and you're never to old :grin:
  4. Welcome :)

    The VTR are mighty bikes.
  5. Ooops!!

    I just saw the sticky under General Discussion on new members.
    Generally new to discussion forums too!!
    Please be nice and I'll soon get the hang of it.

  6. hiya and welcome
    im not all that far away from ya so i may catch up with one day

  7. Welcome CR.

    I'm an older newbie too. Just got my VTR.

    Might see you around one night at a coffee meet.
  8. I'm starting to feel at home already.

  9. Just how old is older? Like are you in the running for a record?
  10. Welcome aboard.. :grin:
  11. Definitely not over the hill by a long way. I'm 44. I just felt a little in the older crowd since everyone except one at the "L's" course was 30 or under.

    So looking forward to getting a bike and getting on the the road for fun fun fun!!!!!!
  12. Just joined myself old bastard in lynbrook catch at a coffee night
  13. Welcome,

    Us old buggers can still ride you know. Knoxfield . . . so we will see you at a Tuesday night coffee then?
  14. hi and welcome :grin:
  15. Hey Roderick,

    Always thought a Ducati would be an awsome bike to own one day. What are they like to ride? And yes, as soon as I get some wheels I plan to get along to some coffee nights so look forward to catching up

  16. Well, the Multistrada has a very upright position, suitable for us old guys, so it isn't die hard sports bike. . . but it is a lot of fun to ride, and it is way more capable than I am as a rider, so it keeps me out of trouble. It handles touring or the twisties no problem. It also comes with serious gear fitted standard, like braided lines, decent brakes, and a dry clutch you could race with. :grin:

    Many people who have ridden lots of different bikes over many years say that the Multistrada is the most fun to ride of any bike they have had. I haven't had enough bike to claim that though.

    Yes, it is very nice to own an icon like a Ducati.