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greetings from nsw blue mtns

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by azi, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. hello everyone.... this is my first post despite being registered on netrider since about 2003! i seem to have lost my netrider membership card...

    i'm in the blue mountains nsw and currently have a 1982 gsx1100 katana. it vibrates a lot and has crappy brakes. please say hello if anyone here also has a crusty old 80s bike.


  2. Almost 5 years late .. :shock: but Welcome Aboard anyways :p
  3. G'day.

    I'm also from up that way.
    Don't have an 80s bike but I'll say hi anywho. Where do you normally go fang'n?
  4. bells line of road, anywhere between lithgow and penriff... and if i have time and energy, sometimes up to the halfway house on putty rd.

    look out for the silver suzi streak :)
  5. Well not quite crusty and old, but does an older styled Beemer count :wink:

    Nice looking Kat Azi, looks pretty original
  6. All fixed then Puff?? ;)
  7. Pictures, pictures, pictures please!!!!! The Kat is the father of the modern sports bike, and deserves to be revered!

    2003! What must his membership # be, Vic???
  8. yes ta vic :)
  9. hey Azi welcome mate I also live in the mountains. Nice choice of wheels mate the Kat still looks good
  10. Earlier this year I traded in a 1988 Kawasaki ZX10. It was a great bike but am happy to move on.

    Welcome to NR
  11. Welcome Azi.

    If you have nothing to do one saturday afternoon get yourself a long to the Mean Fiddler at Rouse Hill. A bunch of us meet there every week for a catchup.

    Hey one of the guys that comes to coffee also has a Kat, not sure if it's still on the road but does it matter.

    Ride safe.
  12. Thanks for the invite Kim I might check it out sometime... what time do most people meet there?
  13. Anytime from 3:00pm. Meet in the courtyard & park the bikes around the back near the kiddies play area.

    Might be a quiet week this week being Anzac weekend and all.