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Greetings from North-West Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Marlon, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Hey fellas, thought i'd duck in and say hello.

    Learner rider here, based in Castle Hill, and working in Villawood. Riding to and from work everyday, rain, hail or shine. Currently riding a Yamaha TW200 with just about every conceivable bit chopped off it or replaced. (New headlight, shift lights, indicators front and rear, new break light, removed all the plastic, low mounted supertrapp muffler, K&N air filter etc - I like to tinker) I'm just killing time till i can own my Thruxton!

    Look forward to offering my half baked opinions on the forums.


  2. Welcome, Marlon :)

    Half-baked opinions are the default setting for Netrider; Vic and Mouth have a filter that removes logical and sensible ones; this is an internet forum, after all :LOL:
  3. Hey hey, welcome welcome, i'll look out for you next time i'm on a ride. I'm around North Rocks ways..use to work down at villawood too..not at EL Blue right?
  4. so thats you !
    i've seen you around.

    Give a wave if you see a red monster or a faded black VTR around the area.
  5. Welcome

    You got any pics of the chopped up TW?

    Thruxton is a great choice for next bike
  6. Hi Marlon and welcome.

    You got any pictures of the bike ,for us with no idea what it is?.
  7. Welcome Marlon
  8. MickyB, i've seen you around mate! On an immaculate red monster, up near the towers a week or two ago. I've seen you around once or twice over the past while.

    Mini-Monster, I work at Toll at Villawood. It's great fun working shifts down there... I get pulled over by the Po-lice at least twice a week!

    Here's some pics...







    Here's what it looks like bog stock...

  9. Alright, I'll bite. What't the thing in the background of the last pic; Lotus Seven or replica, perhaps???
  10. Well spotted mate! It's a Australian built PRB clubman, which is a lotus super 7 ripoff. It's running a Toyota 6 this year, but next year she gets a Lexus turbo 4 cylinder. Sadly it's not mine, it's dad's. Currently up on chocks rebuilding the clutch so it's ready for next season.
  11. noice. i saw a guy in a dark green clubman having a kickass time at a motorkhana a few months ago
    monster bike dude! i live near parramatta, you might catch me around if my bike ever gets delivered. can't wait to explore that quiet little commercial zone near castle hill