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Greetings from NE Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Modest, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, thought I'd make a thread in here to give a proper introduction after posting some stuff in the 'New Riders' forum.

    I just got my L's license 2 weeks ago, and just got my first bike last weekend (A 2000 Honda VTR250 named Dorothy). Been riding everyday, and have got comfortable enough to go on my first 'big' ride today (50kms return) to Sugarloaf dam in Christmas Hills (past Kangaroo grounds for those of you playing from home). Feeling great so far, and I'm really stoked to be part of this community of riders. I am amazed at the feeling of community that stems from this past-time, as when I was on my ride today I got nods and waves from every bike rider that I went past. In an age of such disconnection and distrust of 'strangers', this feeling of connection was extremely humbling to me.

    I suppose getting a motorcycle was a very slow burning idea that I've had over my life, but I decided to just do it and try it out doing a pre-learners course with Ridetek, then going for my L's (successfully)! I think I have been wanting to attempt to gain a new and exciting activity that I can really enjoy in my off time, and having just finished my university degree, it seemed like the perfect time to go for it. Can't wait for the many hours more of freedom and exhilaration waiting for me!

    I also picked up my first 'real' leather jacket in the Dainese cage leather, which I got on discount at Peter Stevens in Ringwood. Smells beautiful, and I feel fully protected behind it (which gives me more confidence to learn to ride successfully).

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello officially! See you all around!

    * Here is a pic of my honda VTR from todays ride to sugarloaf reservoir:

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    Welcome Modest, hopefully you have seen the Saturday Morning Practice thread in Elwood. Lots of good people there to help you learn and improve or just chat to.

    Tuesday night L plater night ride.
    Sunday Learner friendly thread is another one to watch.
    A group of us meet in Northcote on Thursday nights for coffee and food if you are interested.

    But only when you are ready to brave more traffic. If you post in the Saturday morning thread then you can arrange for an escort to get you down there and back.
  3. Hey welcome, you will have many years of fun on your new bike.
    Honda make great easy to ride Learner bikes so you should have a great time.

    Chris (y)
  4. welcome to NR, as cjvfr mentions here, Sat prac session is a 'gift' well worth attending!! Also the sunday learner friendly rides are great, in fact, rumour has it, theres one coming up soon to the chocolate mills in dayelsford!! Keep your eyes peeled, this is very popular learner friendly ride.