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Greetings from Mt Tamborine

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Turrawan, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. G'day I'm an old fart that hasn't been on 2 wheels for a loooong time. My mate gave me a Suzi GS1000S that I'm slowly restoring. Must admit got a rattly clutch I'm struggling with. Plan to do a riding course to assist in reading traffic. Lot more cars on the road than when I last rode. Looking forward to the winding roads up & down the mountain. Canungra gets heaps of riders on a Sat am so hope to get there asap.
    Anyway ladies & gents I look fwd to being a member.

  2. Welcome Turrawan. I was up your way a couple of weeks ago, saw lots of bikes at Canungra and up at O'Reillys (hardcore road, that!) and at the Bearded Dragon. Nice part of the world for riding.
  3. Welcome Turrawan
    Mt Tamborine is some awesome fun on a bike. We are in Nerang so are often out on them thar hills :)

    re roadcraft courses >>
    Stay Upright have a 'manage the road' course based in Nerang.
    Speak to Max
  4. Thanks for the tip.
    Qld is the place for bikes no doubt.

    Thanks George O for the welcome. BTW how do you cope with the traffic in Sydney?
    On our journey up to Qld from Vic we inadvertently ended up on a major road & the users didn't take kindly to me doing a uie where yr not supposed to. I got so many cars beeping me & giving me the fingers. Very uptight bunch down there.
  5. Its all relative mate!

    Relative to the traffic in South Africa (emigrated 6 months ago) all road users in Australia are angels who are very predictable and nearly always follow the rules.

    Makes it much safer for us bikers though - never considered a bike back in RSA!
  6. Ever been to Fiji ? That's gotta be the best place to drive (not ride too many pot holes). If yr at a t section the flowing traffic makes room for you to merge in. The lifestyle flows into the traffic style. Chilled as!!

  7. hahaha yes, I remember Sydney drivers! I learnt to drive down there and did my P's etc commuting on some very busy roads down there. I tell you what, I learnt a lot about driving in my time there!
    I wouldn't call myself an aggressive driver, but I am certainly more assertive on the road (in my car! Not the bike yet) then my friends & family who have only driven in Brisbane. I think it did me the world of good to learn in a busy environment... it meant that driving in London was then a piece of piss :)

    Anyway, welcome to NetRider!
  8. The bike is still with Lindsay getting fixed but I took the recommendation given & i'm off to do the learners course via "Stay Upright" on Monday. Given I haven't been on the road for eons Max recommended it for basics road awareness. He suggested I could also do the Advanced course at a later date given I have past experience. (ie: not a total novice).
    Well I must admit I'm a bit anxious. When I originally got the GS going I did hoon up & down my street but it is a quiet street.
    Cage drivers here I come!!!!! YAH.
  9. G'day mate from one of your friends from Mexico. You sound like you are almost as old as me! I think you have at least a couple more years riding under your belt than I have.