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Greetings from Mrs 2wheelsagain

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. For those of you who know my hubby and have heard some of my escapades, I just wanted to say "Gidday!"
    I am delighted to say I passed my Learners Permit test today, so can officially get on the road with L plates on display. A bit embarrassing for a fat 40 year old....... :LOL:
    Still, better late than never! Now I have to find myself a set of wheels. Thats not an easy thing to do, when you have NO idea about bikes or what you are more comfortable riding.
    Does anyone have recommendations for a learner bike? I am 5'8" and somewhat on the large side, but am proud to say my instructor reckons I will make a "phuckin good rider"
    I have sat on a CBR250 and an Intruder, and think I prefer the feel of the sportier type to the cruiser style. I like a bike with fairing more than the naked look, and would be quite interested in your experienced opinions.
    My RideTek instructor thought a Suzuki Across would be good. Does anyone in Melbourne or Gippsland have a really good one for a ridiculous price for a hard case Newbie Kiwi chick?! :grin:

    Mr 2wheelsagain is giving me grief for typing so much so I had better scuttle off......... No I am NOT slagging you dear!!!!!
  2. Welcome Mrs 2wheelsagain!

    Congrats on getting your learners!! It's a much happier household when the missus can threaten to jump on their wheels and ride off into the sunset!!!

    Best of luck on the bike hunt!!
  3. Hi Mrs 2wheelsagain, welcome to NR :grin:

    Congrats on getting your Ls - did you know how to ride before getting them?
  4. Hi Mrs 2WA :grin: Welcome and congrat's on getting your Learners.
  5. Welcome!! Now we have the matched set!!!!
  6. I had never ridden a bike in my life, had my first lesson the previous Saturday and went for my Learners the next Friday. Apparantly I took to it like a duck to water!! I can't wait to get my own bike. I sat on a Suzuki Across today and I think thats the way to go, the only problem is they are hard to find in our area of the world. Bummer!! At least I have a pair of gloves (which we bought today) Hubby says to sit on a kitchen chair with them on, holding imaginary handle bars in mid-air and making "ring a ding ding" noises.
  7. Good on you Mrs 2wheelsagin for getting out there and doing your learners. Too many people give up on life at this age.
    I did mine late too so don't feel bad, you will make a phukin good rider too I'm sure :wink: :wink:
    Used to live in (south) Gippsland too a few years ago, in Boolarra. A beautiful part of the world.
    Hey, and I'm an ex-kiwi too!!
  8. Hi Mrs 2wheelsagain. I am almost 40 and have been riding about 18 months. Best thing I ever did!!! Good on ya!! :grin: Best of luck getting the bike you want.
  9. Hey Mrs 2wheelsagain, any luck finding a bike yet?
  10. Mrs 2wheelsagain, register your own username and join the party!

    Would be heehee funny if you guys kept logging on as each other's nicks like lil and stookie :) or me and Loz :p
  11. Welcome Mrs 2wheelsagain, and contrats!

    +1 You're your own identity