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greetings from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tomlab, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. hi there,

    Tom here from Viewbank Victoria. I am back on the road with a Honda Blackbird 1100 2001. Its been great so far and like to thank all those bike riders who look out for each other.
    I am going to be riding more often and maybe selling the bike and getting something a little more newer and lighter.
    Have a great week as I look forward to reading your posts also.
  2. Welcome Tom, there are a few blackbirders on the forum. You are not far from me, Greensborough here.
  3. welcome aboard Tom :]
  4. Guys, let me know when there are some easy rides coming up. More so the coffee break part hehe :) thank you.
  5. Coffee, what I thought you were a Honda rider, not Ducati! :)
  6. Italians invented Ducatis and Cappuccinos and Madeira cake so it's a marriage made in heaven but I am gonna need a bigger jacket to maintain this lifestyle. At least with the S2R monster I can be at the next town and have my coffee/cake down before the Hondas catch up.
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  7. Welcome to NR..
  8. Welcome Tom, your bike looks great, the birds yes heavier than some but a nice ride. Get out on some of the netrider rides you will enjoy it and a great bunch of people.
  9. Welcome Tom