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Greetings from Melbourne!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Layzie, Sep 19, 2014.

  1. Hi Everyone. I’m Mathew from Melbourne. I am new to this forum, but have been reading through the threads for the past week or two. I am new to motorbikes and have never been on a motorbike at all however it has always been a dream of mine to ride. I didn’t even know what a LAMS bike was until last week. Reading peoples posts about their first experiences from getting their learners to getting their first LAMs bike has really got so eager to get my learners and hopefully a LAMS bike one day. I can see this as a new hobby that I would enjoy :).

    Anyway, first things first. A mate of mine recommended me to get my Learners done at ‘Rider Bros’ – Calder Park Raceway. Do you know how much they charge for a Full Day course? Did any of you guys get your Learners at Rider Bros? If so, any feedback? Hoping to book my test sometime in October.

    In terms of a LAMS bike I have done a bit of reading and research and the following bikes would seems to be a good starter bike:

    Honda VTR250
    Suzuki GS500
    Kawasaki Ninja 250R
    Honda CBR250RR
    Hyosung GT250R

    Looking forward to share experiences with you guys soon!
  2. Hey Matt! Welcome to Net Rider!
    I recently got my L's down with Ride-Tek at Sandown Racecourse a month ago. I only did the half day course, but it was only $185 (got a discount). I'm pretty sure one of my mates did the full day course with Rider Bros though and didn't have any issues.
    I have just got a Ninja 300 myself which is excellent, but couldn't give you much info on the other bikes sorry.
  3. Welcome aboard. To find out what they charge can I suggest you ask them, that might give you the most accurate answer.
  4. Thanks guys. Rider Bros only run their full day sessions on weekdays. I can't do weekedays but I finally locked myself in at Armstrongs on the 18th for a full day (9 hour) session!! Can't wait! If anyone is keen to get their Learners, they have a Spring Deal on at the moment.
  5. Welcome! does your avatar mean you are a pirate as well????
  6. Hey dude! should try get a session booked before the start of the month man, mandatory hivis after the 1st of oct!
  7. @hornet@hornet: who else is a pirate in here?!

    @LordMik@LordMik: all booked out mate. yeah the mandatory hivis is annoying, but it will be much easier for you guys to spot us no0bs!
  8. Welcome to NR..
  9. Hey guys.. sorry I didn't know where to ask this question however how do I 'like' someones post? I dont seem to have that option anywhere.
  10. It'll show up in the bottom right hand corner of a post. But I suspect is only available for those who become a premium member with NR.
  11. welcome aboard the SS Nutrider
  12. Welcome Matt,
    To like someone's post you just click the 'thumbs up' icon in the lower right corner of each post.
  13. Course at RB is $280.
  14. Thanks guys, looked like I needed to have posted 20 times to enable the 'like' options.

    Cheers Brett. Armstrong's was slightly cheaper for $255 and they do it on weekends.
  15. I did mine at Motorcycle Motion. $260.

    They operate 7 days a week, and at night, if that suits :)
  16. hiya matt
    i did my entire license threw rider brothers and i found these guys (and girls sorry Carly) down their were
    great to deal with and friendly service as to my brother did his threw HART and failed a few times as their
    very strict and of course he grabbed to much front brake on their postie bike and crashed.
    few other friends went to other places but ended up at rider bros to finish off their license as well.
    they have a good choice of bikes to use and if you dont feel right on something with gears & clutch then you can just on a scooter that they also have and practice around their track on that like my missus did who also had never ridden before and got her license first time round.. i recommend Rider Bros - Ian, Gary, Carly awesome people to deal with.

    good luck with your license and make your first bike not to powerful or to heavy..
    250cc - 300cc bikes is a good start..
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  17. Go to HART if you want to test ride a Honda LAMS bike at the same time as doing your course. Go to DECA in Brooklyn if you want to test ride Kwaka's, as they are sponsored by them. The DECA website has links to videos on the skills you are tested on in the course. Takes some of the mystery out of it no matter where you do your course.

    I personally got a cheap Hyosung, and have not been disappointed. However, new LAMS and recent used LAMS are so cheap now, you can get quite good quality (Read Ninja, CBR250, etc) for cheap money. Naked bikes are good,as there is little plastic to snap or scratch when the thing falls over on that day you have a brain freeze and finally find out how heavy a bike is when it tips over the point of no return.

    Good luck and welcome!
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  18. Welcome to NR.

    Lets be honest here, the test takes all of about 10 minutes, and tests you can turn left right and stop. You can learn the skills needed to pass the test in a hour or two, for most people. Its not very hard.

    So what you get from the course in terms of getting your L's isn't much. What you will hopefully get from the instructors, is the skills to not crash or get injured in the early days. Learning to pass the course is up to them, learning to ride safely and well is all up to you and what you do once you have passed.
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  19. Yeah I'm looking for something cheap just to practice on and not having to worry if I happen to drop/crash it. The list of bikes I mentioned (first post) would be ideal and Hyosung would probably be the cheapest out of all of them, given that the quality are all equal.
    I did find a 96 Suzuki Across on bikesales for about $1200 but after checking today, it looks like its been sold. I wasn't going to physically suss em out until I get my learners. But can't wait to start riding!
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  20. Thanks MRT.......I'm going to them with my wife to do ours too!