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Greetings from Germany

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Bologna998, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone! :)

    Happy greetings from wintery Germany. As bikers around the globe I am suffering from the cold season. So to warm my heart and share some biking enthusiasm in these harsh snowy times (not that it's snowing, it's just annoyingly cold and wet over here), I thought I'd join this forum in the sunny part of the world!

    And instead of babbling about myself all the time I'll just introduce my bike:

    I look forward to getting to know you guys and share some two-wheeled passion! (y)
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  2. Hi and Welcome to NR,
    It's definitely far from Snowy or Wintery here, although the weathers been a bit up and down lately. Overall the temperature is definitely still hot and the tyres are sticky.
    Nice bike btw =]
    You should considering taking some photos and adding it to the show case
  3. welcome abroard :]
  4. Welcome to NR...
  5. Hello and welcome to NR :)
  6. Guten tag und willkommen NR.
    Schon motorrad!!! (Sorry no umlaut)
  7. Thanks everyone! ^_^

    Instead of posting pictures I've got another video, I'll upload that in the videos section.

    It's actually started snowing here, now. :sour:

    Btw, that was almost there with the German. It would be "schönes Motorrad". Thanks!
  8. I long for the snow...
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  9. Welcome to NR and may us Aussies keep the riding dream alive for you.
  10. Welcome to Netrider. Your bike looks marvellous.
  11. welcome sorry to say only 21 hot n clear blue skies in melbourne today but 31 tomorrow!!
  12. Welcome and what an awesome bike this is!
  13. Hey, thanks again! :couchpotato:
    Wanna switch places? ;-)
    Now it's actually become really cold over here. Snow level rising. I feel like digging myself a cave or something. :coldfeet:
  14. I think that's not a bad idea...
  15. Welcome to the Forum mate!

    It's always nice to share the things we are passionate about! Nice bike!
  16. Care for what you wish. ;) How are the roads in Australia? Germany can get pretty *$§/(/& during wintertime but for around 8 months you get lots of smooth tarmac, mostly good weather, all kinds of corners - fast and slow, and of course our infamous motorways partly without speed limit - although that's quite annoying on a motorcycle because of all the wind, and also because it has no corners.

    Thanks, GeorgO!
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  17. I'm not even joking.. I'm looking at planning my next trip to the snow actually.
    Happy New Year!
  18. Happy New Year to you, too, and to everybody else at netrider! :happy:

    As usual, Australia went first with the celebrations. And you did that rather well, if I may say so. (y)
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  19. Happy New Year to you as well!

    I have a few laps around the Nordschleife on my bucket list. Hope to get there one day.

    I've been in Sydney now for the past two years and cannot complain about the weather - mostly perfect for riding. Our 'cold' season might mean a 2 or 3 degree min. Summer max in the 40's. Most B and C class roads in pretty good condition with some pretty awesome twisty roads all within a few hours from anywhere in Sydney.

    We also have some very 'enthusiastic' traffic officers who seem to always be where you don't want them to be!
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  20. If you race the Nordschleife, make sure you don't 'kick' the bucket. That is one of the most dangerous tracks you can ride on. Infinitely long and hard to learn for one, and then you have barriers everywhere with no room to crash. It's still legendary, though, so I might go there myself one day. :D

    Today, the sky is blue. And that's about it for positive weather news. Some snow still lying around, temperatures somewhere in the minus (°C). Oh well, I am planning this year's season then... My Duc will finally see the race track! :woot:
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