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greetings from gato

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by gato, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. just want to say hello to everyone on this forum :D

    i have just joined up recently. have yet to make any posting contributions, mostly i have been reading up on some past threads. good for a beginner! :)

    basically, i am still looking out for a bike. i have yet to get my gear as well. i hope get my bike and gear by december. got my L a few months ago from HART. once i get some riding experience, i will do my P.

    bike of choice:
    VTR250: black or red.

    i'm sure i'll be asking a few questions, asking for guidance from you experienced riders :) so, thanks in advance and glad to have found this forum. looking forward to joining the rides!

  2. Hi Gato, welcome to the forums. :D :D

    Like you, got my L's a few months ago but no bike yet but hopefully very soon.

    Whatever you want to know, just ask away, the experienced ones here are more than happy to give you advice.

    :D :D
  3. Group Hug!! Welcome :)
  4. Gday and welcome to the site.

    Cheers 8)
  5. Heya and welcome :D
  6. Welcome to the forums gato :)
  7. Hello Hello!

    Enjoy the rambles!
  8. Welcome
  9. G'day Gato, a warm welcome to you :D

    Now, can we assume you're a bloke? Cause the last bloke SOME PEOPLE *cough cough* assumed it was a lady :p
  10. Yiasoo
  11. Hello mate, ow ya goin?
  12. heya Gato, some good info here. Hope you find a bike soon and get out there :)
  13. Que pasa Gato?
  14. thanks for the warm welcome everyone! :D

    what happened with the last one? did people try to pick him up? :LOL:
    anyway, uhurrmm ho yeah, i'm a bloke.
  15. muy bien! how're you doing? thanks for the welcome :D
  16. Hi Gato,

    Welcome to the forum (seems strange saying that since I only joined last week)

    I am a Spada rider myself and definitely recommend them as a first bike. You just have to go through the hard yards and make sure you get a good one (there was a horror story about a dealer passing off a substandard one on the site not long ago)


  17. Welcome to the forums Gato :)
  18. Uuuuuummm yeah no pick lines just a few coments like sister lol check out "I'm a bloke :)" threaf. Ask away for any answers you need, i'm sure you'll find them here
  19. thanks fellas!

    a ripoff story? i better check it out. unfortunately, i have experienced firsthand what it is like to be ripped off by a dealer. nowadays when i walk into a dealer, i have this mentality: "you will get ripped off anyway, no matter what. so, just try to minimise the damage." :evil:

    hey nkb573, enjoying your Spada? yeah, it takes time and patience looking out for a good bike. i have been on the looking for a few months now.

    does anyone have any comments on the VTR250?

  20. recently i dropped by a 2nd hand dealer specialising in 250s. the pricing was not great at all, but most of all, the whole joint felt... dodgy.

    i looked at a spada. it was an... '89 model i think. but the mileage was some crazy 1700km. i asked one of the sales people what the hell was going on, and they said "basically it has been reserviced and made compliant." :shock:

    i didn't know when you service a bike, the km gets reset :LOL: