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Greetings from elsewhere

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JimmyElsewhere, May 26, 2015.

  1. Hi all
    I’m an experienced road rider, having started out in the late 80’s. I was a keen dirt bike rider too, but have recently given that away as I don’t have time for it any more, even though it’s super fun. I’ve had heaps of different bikes over the years, below are the most recent few

    2014 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 (current bike)

    1994 Kawasaki ZX9R

    2012 Yamaha WR450 (Dirt and Supermoto)

    2008 Suzuki GSX1400

    2006 Husqvarna WR250 (2 stroke dirt animal)

    2002 Suzuki DRZ400E

    I recently bought a Ninja 1000 as it has pretty good handling, great mid-range grunt, and because I have a sore neck these days the ergo’s are more upright like a naked bike. I think you never stop learning about riding and I still work on my techniques to be a better rider.

    Because I don’t ride on the dirt anymore I’m really interested in doing some track days as it’s an area of riding I haven’t explored yet (much to my mates dismay as they’ve been into it for years).

    I like to ride to work and back every day which is about 25Km each way, some really nice corners and roundabouts to be had if I get my act together and get going before peak hour traffic. At the moment I live in Canberra and it’s getting down below 0’ in the mornings, so I take the soft option and drive in as well a few times a week.

    Anyway cheers to ya !

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  2. Welcome to NR JimmyElsewhereJimmyElsewhere
    I really do like your stable!!
    I have a little next bike wish list and the Z1000 and a ZX10R feature in my top ten (well it is now down to 9 ).
    JavahJavah is down in Canberra and there are plenty of track demons up north here- Senator17Senator17 LionzLionz GeorgeOGeorgeO so I am sure there will be heaps of opportunities for you. :)
    Yes the weather ...a few years back I was down in Canberra for a meeting at this time of year and got snowed on :( not real impressed as froze my tits off.
  3. welcome aboard :]
  4. Thanks Oldmaid.
    Yeah, it just gets nasty here sometimes.Good riding gear goes a long way !
  5. Thanks !
  6. Welcome Jimmy, I can certainly vouch for the Z1000, they are a brilliant bike. I also like the ZX10, better suited to the track, but not as comfortable as the Z1000 on long rides. Your 1000 Ninja ma be even more comfortable. I've seen a couple of people with them at SMSP. Hope to catch up with you at the track.
  7. Would of made it easier getting your jacket on.
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  8. G'day Jimmy, welcome to NR. :]
  9. G'day Jimmy and welcome

    I have done the dirt to road thing as well, nice stable of bikes have/had.
  10. Hey Jimmy, welcome. Why not book a day at Wakefiled Park to see if you like it. A lot nearer than EC for you and a lot less cash also. Book through Xtreme Ride Days.
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  11. OldmaidOldmaid I don't know why you don't look into that?

    DriRider or equivalent jacket and pants with body armour is acceptable for Novice group riders only.

    ........ and $179 for midweek as opposed to $239 at EC
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  12. Thanks Senator17
    Yeah, the engine is pretty much identical, the Ninja 1000 has taller gearing and I think has a better electronics package (or used to anyway). I got a kawasaki gel seat for mine and it is awesome. One thing I will say is the OEM rubber is rubbish. I'll be putting new Pilot Roads on soon.
  13. Hey Newie.

    I miss being on the dirt so bad. It doesn't get much better than heading out for a day with the mates, and laughing your ass off at each other's stacks !
    I used really get in to sliding through corners and especially with the WR 450. Such an awesome bike, it made me look like a half decent rider.

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  14. Thanks Lionz, dead right there mate, I'm gonna do a few at Wakefield to start with and then head to EC.
  15. Thanks Goldenberri. It's good to be here !
  16. What's the OEM rubber on your bike Newie? Mine came with Pirelli Diablo Rosso's which aren't made any more, they now have the Rosso 2's and I find them great. I went to a presentation by Bike Biz and Moto DNA where Peter Goddard was guest speaker. After seeing what Pirelli put into their development program, I will be sticking with Pirelli's from now on. Have them on the bike and both cars as well.
  17. Welcome to NR...
  18. Bridgestone Battleaxes. The OEM's are well documented as have sidewall issues on the front and have to run at least 40 psi otherwise they start pushing through corners as the tyre profile starts deforming.

    Pirelli Diablo's are good. I've found avon ok in the past too but others have had issues with them, so I'll stick to Michelin or Pirelli's
  19. Thank you. Good to be here.