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Greetings from Darwin

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by OldNotBold, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Righto, another new netrider...

    Decided a while ago to buy a bike and learn - thought it was a skill I should have learned by this stage of my life (36 y.o.), after scaring the tripe out of myself in Indo! Got on a bike over there, with ZERO riding experience and... well you can do the math on that!

    Or is that code for "my mid-life crisis has kicked in early!" Ha Ha Ha!!

    Absolutely stoked to find this forum online! What a tremendous resource for someone with all the questions in the world, and all the learning (and fun) ahead...

    Unfortunately my reading speed was somewhat slower than my enthusiasm, and I am still finding TONS of good info here, that I should have read before buying my first bike, WHICH I PICKED UP TODAY!! :grin: :grin: - Got a VTR250 with only 2000kms on it (but not for long!)

    Okay, that's enough for my first post. I look forward to learning heaps and having a blast, asking tons of stupid questions :oops: and eventually helping to answer a few too!

    See you out there,
    Nathan in Darwin
  2. Welcome Nathan.

    Do get some decent well vented or mesh gear to keep all your body parts safe. So many people up North ride around in shorts and a T-shirt. Any fall is going to hurt a lot if that is all you are wearing.

    Have fun when the wet season comes around !
  3. welcome, Nathan :)
  4. Yeah, I see 'em in their SINGLETS and THONGS!! :shock:

    Got a mesh jacket with a bit of elbow/shoulder/back protection. It wasn't dear, but will do a hell of a lot more than a t-shirt... Also boots and gloves, and of course a goodish helmet (Shark S800).

    Actually the sales guy asked when I was looking at the bike, if I wanted to take it for a test ride - I declined as I was not properly dressed...

    The wet will be interesting - one of my prime motivations was to get some miles and hours under my belt before the wet comes on. But I have the luxury of "takin' the car" if it's too unsavoury :)
    Wating to see if it is possible to stay reasonably dry without overheating!!
  5. Welcome mate, keep the chains handy also for when the cyclones hit :)
  6. Greetings
  7. Welcome mate
  8. G'day OldNotBold,
    Welcome to Netrider mate ! Lived in Darwin myself for 3yrs some time ago.. bloody hot :) Keep the fluids up mate and stay protected, as you've stated.
    Enjoy and safe riding.
  9. Hey Nathan from Darwin!

    I just got back from Darwin, nice place and heaps of open roads.

    But I don't think there are many twisites.......apologies if you know this already, but you've got a great club out at Hidden Valley. A hugely good bunch of people - look up Terra (Tpo End Road Race Association) if you want to do any track time.

    Welocme to NR!
  10. Lmao, mate very funny! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!

    Who'd have thought there would be a member called "Darwin"?! :cool:

    So, Greetings TO Darwin, from me. :grin: