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Greetings from Colorado, USA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Black Dragon, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. G,day all. (I'm practicing my Australian) I am currently living in Colorado, USA. Its the Rocky Mountain State that you have always dreamt of riding through. I am in the process of getting a visa to OZ. I am a sonographer (ultrasound imager) so get busy making some babies for me to look at!

    I have looked on the web and have yet to find a ride in AU that is the equivalent of Sturgis. Surely you've heard of Sturgis. 700,000 bikers in one town for one week. Mate! You,ve gotta try it! So. Does Australia have anything like that? If not, why not? I was thinking, Alice Springs. Perfect town, perfect location. If you haven't heard of Sturgis, South Dakota, put it in your web browser. You're looking for the August motorcycle rally or Black Hills Classic, etc.

    Also. I ride a 2004 Yamaha Midnight Venture (runs on pure testosterone!). I understand that motorcycles have to meet certain state criteria. Can anyone fill me in? Where can I go for info on what the Government requires? It is a right hand throttle (did you know you guys were driving on the wrong side of the road down there?) The visa under which I'll be in OZ only allows me to import one vehicle, so the Honda Pilot I just bought is going to my sister and the Midnight Venture (Black Dragon) is coming with me.

  2. Just...LOL...no...you will not see everyone going to alice springs...i'm not going to go into the reasons why but suffice to say it's not a place i'd feel safe travelling to.

    also sorry for being rude - Hi & welcome to the forum, as for anything along the lines of sturgis? i don't think so, realistically the biggest runs would probably be the ulysses or whatever runs...seniors..old fogey's...apart from that the motorcycle gang runs would be the biggest but they seem to be near non-existant now-a-day's.

    we do have the snowy's run every year for netriders along with a bunch of other runs set up for specific state's....but nothing near what sturgis is
  3. G'day Rocky mountain high. The population of Aus is roughly 15th of the US so if you get 150 people to a gig we get 10. So dont expect to see gatherings on the same scale. We do however have rides in Aus which will more than make you smile, you wont wanna go home, trust me
    As Crisis said Alice Springs is a nice place to stop for a coffee on the way to somewhere else, like Mataranka or even Darwin if you want a long run. This is a good resource for you to keep in touch with check with the groups in the state you end up in.
    By the way as well as driving on the left dont forget the velcro, we are upside down here.
  4. The biggest motorcycle event is definitely Phillip Island MotoGP. That gets tens of thousands each October. Second biggest is probably World Superbikes (March/April). The Snowy Ride is popular, but not in the same league. The Black Dog Ride (charity fundraiser) is smaller again but does go to Alice Springs (this year).

    In days of old, the big annual pilgrimage was to the bike racing at Bathurst, but the cops put a stop to that years ago.

    Bike compliance rules are national-wide in Australia, not state-specific. However there are different arrangements for registration, licensing and insurance between the states.

    I'd be surprised if your bike needed anything more than some changes to the light lenses, but don't sue me if I'm wrong.:wink:

    Try this link for info:
  5. Welcome Dragon

    Well talk about one with the lot, that is one awesome bike.

    I was in a "discussion" with a group of Americans and some British people once and the subject came up of which side of the road is the correct one. I was with another Aussie and the Americans then asked us what side of the road we drove on. I informed them we drive on the "right" side of the road. After they finished their ....see the Aussies have it right .... I then proceeded to tell them that the "right" side of the road is of course the LEFT hand side.

    Just because you put a motor on it, shouldn't change which side of the carriage you alight from and hence which side the driver sits, everything else flows from that.
  6. Welcome to NR! (y)

    There are a few rides that happen here but nothing compared to Sturgis.

    Some major ones are : The Black Dog Ride and The Snowy Ride

    Which state/city are you planning to move to? Melboure is the place to be! ATM THE most livable city in the world :)
  7. Wlecome from down under and to netrider. First thing im gonna do is checkout you bike on google to see what it is/ looks like, and as Lazy Libran says if you gotta live anywhere its got to be the Most Livable city in the WORLD with the best sports fans and the best sporting facilites bar none.
  8. Welcome to the nuthouse. Which state are you looking at coming to?

    As Titus already said, I think the MotoGP in PI would be the biggest bike gathering in Oz.

    (there's also the annual toy run charity ride, but, not too sure what the numbers are for that).
  9. Howdy folks,

    Thats Colorado for "G,day, Mates".

    I wonder why one of you said he "would not feel safe" riding in Alice Springs. Surely there are no dark corners in OZ.

    Many asked where I would land when I get there. I am keenly interested in Adelaide. I have heard it is one of the best places in the world to live. (No offense to Melbourne!) My plan, right now, is to see (and ride) as much of Australia as possible. I would like to see Perth, Cairnes, Darwin, Brisbane, the Red Center and, yes, even Alice Springs. I am planning to be down-under for 2-4 years.

    Everyone said that there is no "Sturgis" ride in OZ. To that I pose the query;

    Why not?

    Are there no enterprising and ambitious men down there? Surely, with a little effort, some internet publicity and a lot of planning, you southern riders could put together a "national convention" of like-minded, free-spirited bikers. Perhaps you would not be able, with the smaller population, to mount a ride with a half million bikers, but surely OZ could muster 50-60 thousand. That is really an amazing thing to experience. Truely. You Gentlemen and you Ladies have to try it. You'll never be the same!

    Little known fact: There is less crime and trouble in Sturgis, during the ride, than in any city in America of comparable size (500,000-750,000). Sturgis is a small town of less than 7,000 people the rest of the year. The ride accounts for almost their entire economy.

    Think about it! Get a ride going. I'll be proud to be among you!

    Gotta go. Hope to see you soon.

    Matthew, the tall, handsome one.
  10. Hello and welcome. There's nothing like Sturgis in Australia. We used to all go to the bike races at Bathurst every Easter, but the government turned the NSW riot squad on us in the early 1980s. Quite a few of us still go to big races like the Aus grand prix at Phillip Island.

    Your comments about the town of Sturgis seem to echo what I remember of Bathurst very closely. Local shops and businesses always seemed pretty happy to see us.

    There are bike rallies, which get a fair turn-out. (Think Iron Butt Rally.)

    When you stop into Brisbane, let me know. I'll shout you a beer, and perhaps a steak. (Depends on how she feels that day. ... the boss, not the steak.)

    Nice handle, by the way. Dragons are way cool.

    PS _ It's alright. You're allowed to offend Melbourne. The rest of us do it all the time. LOL.
  11. Saturday practice can get close to 50 bikes on a nice day
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  12. Interesting choice of wording. I believe Alice Springs still holds the world record for the highest murder rate (per capita) outside of an active warzone. This however is almost entirely due to the population of drunk and unemployed Aboriginals, so as long as you keep your distance and just let them kill each other you're usually fine.

    Sounds like you're planning on doing a fair bit of the country so hopefully you're aware of what the roads here are like - especially if you're planning on riding to Perth, Alice and Darwin (roads where if you see so much as a tree in 2 hours it's something to get excited about). I'd suggest grabbing a copy of this:
    Should come in handy for trying to fit in some of the more interesting roads along your route.

    Good luck with it, and maybe I'll join you and Kneedragon for a beer when you get to Brisbane.
  13. Any large bike gathering in OZ is accompanied by an equally large police blockade going over every license, bike, and rider with a fine tooth comb for anything they can get. It's not much fun.

    Don't forget to check out Tassie too. Some amazing riding down there (and very little police presence).
  14. Maybe we need a decoy ride. Publicise a ride starting in one part of a major city but also have a less public one starting somewhere in a distant part of the same city. There couldn't be enough police to go 'round.
  15. largest ( i am fairly new so could be wrong ) i think is from these guys
    there over 40s but are the biggest in australia i believe and have once year
    full national gatherings - huge (for aus). much bigger than above suggestions.
    im from adelaide , most people on this forum are from victoria so you will get
    anti adelaide opinions.
    what side of road do people in europe drive ?and is europe as big as usa???
  16. Welcome to NR. I've been to Sturgis - but I was 9 - so I don't remember much.

    Just read up on "anti-bikie legislation" in Oz. It's not worth the hassle to try to arrange a large gathering of fun loving peoples on 2 wheels.

    Enjoy the country when you get here. At least there's riding weather 24/7/365 wherever you decide to go!
  17. Hello all,

    I've done some reading about anti-motorcycle legislation in Australia. It's depressing. But then, if you've got hotheaded biker gangs full of violent losers, then I guess you've got to do something. Why don't those guys just shut up and ride.

    There is quite a large police presence at Sturgis, too. However, the relationship between the police and the bikers is cooperative instead of antagonistic. It seems there's always some young hothead idiot who thinks he's somebody who wants to cause trouble. That's why the police are there. In general, they're just enjoying the rally too. They don't bother anybody and nobody bothers them. They're just as likely to come up and ask you about where you're from and admire your bike has anybody else. One writer on this forum suggested having a decoy ride to distract the police. I really don't think those guys are that stupid. The trick is to work with the police in a spirit of cooperation. Invite them to join the ride.

    Anyway, what the hell do I know. I'm just some Yank. I hope to see you all soon! But, somebody really needs to start thinking about putting together a national ride. Work with the politicians. Work with the police. It can happen. You just got a believe. After all, its OZ. Anything should be possible. Maybe an event of this sort can turn things around. It can show the public, the politicians, the police and even those morons in the motorcycle gangs that want to cause trouble that not all bikers are bad. We're just a bunch of fun-loving people who like to get into the wind.
  18. Toy run is big
    Google toy run .

    Btw there is a new hospital being
    Built in adelaide , aparantly super
    High tech ...
  19. Thanks, phil01.
    Hey. What do you know about getting plates for my bike? Is the government going to get all pissy about a right-hand throttle? Will they let me use my Yank driver's license?

    Just got a quote from a shipping company to send my big, beautiful Black Dragon to OZ. $800 (US) from Los Angeles to Adelaide.
  20. Last I checked my throttle was on the right side... Hmmm..best go look again lol.. It's what way you travel on the road that matters...

    I think you need an mbike licence too.. Car licence is a no go.. Look into an international licence (y)