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Greetings from Central Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Longman Mark, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. Hi All.
    Mark here from central Sydney.
    I'm pretty new to biking and also to this forum.
    I'm riding a Honda CB500FA for now until the P plate disappears from the back or the bike in May 2016. Then I can go get something a bit more exciting.
    I look forward to reading many reviews and comments in here :)

  2. Howdy Longman MarkLongman Mark and welcome to NR. Hope you don't have to wait too much longer for the 'bit more exciting'. :)
  3. I'm checking out options for the replacement bike next year - options are including MV Augusta Brutale 800, Aprilia Shiver, Triumph Street Triple R, BMW R Nine T, Ducati Monster 821, and still looking at what else might be interesting (yes there are a couple of styles of bike in this list). As I'm quite tall, I need to find a bike that feels comfortable with my longer frame. It will be fun doing the research and eventually selecting the new machine :)
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  4. Thanks Goldenberri :)
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. As I'm quite short, your list is off limits to me! That is quite a list so far and it should give you hours of pleasure jumping on and off bikes and researching what suits you best. Good luck!
  7. Thanks, My Beast of a car (2014 Golf R) is feeling a bit unloved this year - the bike gets first look in each weekend. I can feel 2016 is going to be lots of fun
  8. Thanks very much Jeffco
    I look forward to learning lots from here
  9. best thing I can teach you look for RR devils booby thread

    Thank me later