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Greetings from Bendigo

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by sbbfu, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Hi guys! My name is Bruce and I've recently got back into riding, well still in the process, it's been a couples of years since I was on a bike. Made a descision to buy a tu250x to ease myself into riding again, trying to get back some confidence. very excited to get back into it guys!
    I'm in the Bendigo area most days but tend to travel to Melbourne quite often. Looking forward to becoming apart of this community.

  2. welcome Bendigo Bruce :)
  3. The Tu205X does look like a nice bike, be interesting to hear how you go with it (don't know of anyone on here that actually owns one - or at least is willing to admit to owning one).

    Been a while since I lived in Bendigo but do still have fond memories of cruisey rides along the road(s) between Harcourt and Mandurang.

    Enjoy the new bike, and welcome :).
  4. Yea, I've had a quick read around the forum, the tu250 don't get much love :(
    It seems like that people look at it as a hipster bike. I just like the simplicity of the bike, as well as the fuel injection aspect of it. I used to own a old 250 ninja (gray) and the Bendigo winter made it very annoying to start (also I'm pretty sure the bloke I brought it from got it from a not-so-reputable dealer), so it was in pretty rough condition).
  5. Yeah it's odd that people would view it as a hipster bike when in reality it's just the latest in a family of bikes that's been in production since replacing the GN250 (which was actually reasonably popular here).