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Greetings From Aprilia & Moto Guzzi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Respi, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Hi All,

    A quick hello and introduction.

    It was suggested I sign up and add clarity where possible, so here I am.

    In a speed of light snapshot I come from a strong background in Online Marketing & Social Media within the Telco space recently making the transition to the Motorcycle Sector. I know it's not as glamorous as Mobile Phones and Wireless Broadband, but sometimes we have to make sacrifices...

    I'm hoping to add comment to topics when appropriate and assist with any questions pertaining to either Aprilia or Moto Guzzi products.

    With that said I'm glad to be onboard and looking forward to chiming in where possible.


  2. Welcome on board and good to have a manufacturer amongst us.

    Don't want to start off with a negative but do below emails which are listed on your website exist in reality and if so do people answer them cause I've sent multiple emails to all of them in the past year and haven't gotten back a single reply and gave up.

  3. Hello AP,

    Well that's good to know then. My previous enquiries have been answered but if anything comes up in the future will drop a line.
  4. Welcome aboard, good to have you here :)
  5. One day there'll be an Aprilia in my garage... Welcome to NR.
  6. Welcome to NR :)

    mmmmm Moto Guzzi..... let me know if you ever want a long term test of any of them :D
  7. Welcome to Netrider, Aprilia.com.au !
    As a keen Aprilia enthusiast, your inputs will be much appreciated by the many (y)
  8. i? it true the svx 450/550 reliability is bad - because I really wanted one till I read the horror stories of problems with the engines
  9. hope your ready for all the questions AP :)
  10. why does it take 200 years to ship parts to Australia, if ordered through ones local aprilia/gutzee dealer ?
  11. +1
    Like those before me have said,
    HiDee HoDee & Welcome!
  12. Monkeyman,

    The majority of the time our customers receive their parts promptly and accurately. Unfortunately, in some instances we are at the mercy of the factories suppliers, something no importer can control. I'm sure every Importer would love to stock 100% of all parts all the time, but it's just not financially viable or smart business to do so.

    However, we do air freight all our spare parts and accessories to ensure the fastest possible supply of backorders and try our very best to keep our stock up to reflect the needs of the market.


  13. Which telco, dare I ask..?

    Welcome to NR.
  14. Deep Breathe....

  15. well my question about the svx 450/550 wasn't answered

    strike that bike of my "wanted bike lists"
  16. motolegion, I'm waiting for technical to provide me with a detailed response on the SXV, but I can tell you that some earlier SXV models suffered from a case sealant issues.

    Once I have more detail I'll post it up.


  17. Thank you -- I just want to get it from the source rather than rely on misinformation ( disinformation ?) from the web to dispel rumors and hearsay.

    In no way am I deriding Aprilia at all - and I hope that no one thinks I am if they do it means I should have phrased my question more appropriately and I apologise if my context was mistaken due to the wording of my question.

    For every person I have heard that they were not happy I have heard one person say they are absolutely happy with their SXV

    The one common thing though I have read from both the yay and nay side where there was a full consensus is that Aprilia stands by the product they sell.

    I believe Aprilia is a good marque ( and proven on race tracks at one of the highest levels ) hence my interest in the motard ( never give up my R1 road bike fetish )

    Teething problems and hiccups can happen and does to any one that manufactures anything ( yes me included ) and they are sorted out and the product improved.

    I appreciate your response and your investigation I shall continue to seek out a SXV :)
  18. Hey AP


    I actually have the 2006 SXV 550 could you also find out if their is a maintenance schedule available, I have been told change the oil at 500kms and at 1500kms but not sure which. There is a lot of misinformation around, like most low quantity bikes.

    I will let AP answer about the reliability of the sxv as I have only had mine since aug, mine has been fine, though occassionally hard to start if been sitting but thats like most bikes. Nowhere near the stories. Its not my only bike.
  19. Welcome,and I'm truely sorry that you have found yourself in the position of having to promote crappy bikes likes those.
    Oh well , chin up and all that.

    Hahahaha-lighten up,they're ok