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Greetings from (another) learner!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Grim, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Hi Netriders!

    I’m from Sydney’s inner west and have been riding around on my L’s for a couple of weeks. Bought a ‘08 CB400 and have amassed about 400kms, I’m just now getting to the point where I’ve relaxed and stopped gripping the handlebars in sheer terror, and my cornering is now almost passable thanks to some of the newbie guides on this site :)

    Thought I’d document some of my experiences in the first couple of weeks and share them here, so here we go.

    The bad:

    - Drivers tailgating, moving into my lane without warning, overtaking closely, general aggressive behaviour. I remember my HART instructor telling he got at least two or three of these during his commute each day from the Central Coast and thinking “oh yeah”, given my experiences during the 15km to work and back each day it doesn’t seem so unbelievable any more!
    - Taxi pulling out ahead of me from a sidestreet onto an 80km/h road, suddenly seeing me coming to a dead stop in panic having occupied 2/3 of the lane
    - Drunk idiot passenger pulling up beside me at lights yelling at me to “slow down” after cruising down a deserted 60 street at 1am doing at most 50, wtf? (narrowly resisted the urge to flip him the bird)

    The embarrassing:

    - Trying to park on an incline, killing the engine, putting my sidestand down, then realising the bike would tip over and struggling to reposition in front of a group of giggling schoolgirls who found it all hilarious
    - Repeatedly stalling on a hill start and missing two(!) sets of lights, thankfully only my brother was behind me at the time
    - Being asked by the security guard at my work why I had been riding around the carpark for an hour in the middle of the night :-S
    - Coming scarily close to dropping it once while attempting a tight u-turn, thankfully I don’t think anyone saw... mortifying!

    The unexpectedly good:

    - The majority of cage drivers who are courteous, leave gaps to merge in, don’t chuck a spastic if I’m going a little slower than other traffic
    - Being able find a park nearly wherever you want / squeeze past boomgates = awesome
    - Friendliness of other riders on the road who wave/nod as I pass by
    - Going for a ride last night and everything coming together for the first time, not stressed out by traffic or worrying about making a mistake, just relaxing and enjoying the ride

    Anyway just thought I’d say hi! Looking forward to participating in the forums and perhaps coming along to rides sometime...
  2. Welcome on board and to the cb400 crowd.
  3. Hahaha, you got sprung practicing in the work carpark....love it!
    Welcome by the way.
  4. G'day Grim

    Hope to see you at Homebush soon.

    Fun Ha!
  5. Sounds like you're doing really well. I still go for a bit of work carpark practice when I get a chance. Did you get the ABS model?
  6. Thanks for all the replies!

    Wow thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. I'll most likely be along in the coming weeks schedule permitting :)

    No. There seemed to be such a divergence of opinion about ABS when I spoke to other riders, I couldn't form a strong opinion either way and focused on other things instead (like the colour, lol). Funnily enough when I called up the seller he seemed to think it was the ABS version (or was hoping I wouldn't notice), but upon inspection the fronts were 4-pot which I'm pretty sure means it ain't :p As far as cars go I'm firmly in the anti-ABS crowd so this probably influenced my choice at some subliminal level...
  7. Welcome to the forums! :D

    I can relate to nearly ALL of that over the last 5 weeks I got my License as well! Trucks are scary but at least I'm small enough to duck between them to get away from them! And buses? Don't get me started on those! I'm sure EVERYONE here has similar stories! Great to hear your enjoying it :D
  8. You forgot to mention Taxis :)
    Had a few ... interesting experiences with them.
  9. Haha yes! either they're going too fast or too slow or swerving all over the road from an all night shift! Pulling out randomly and flooring!
  10. Welcome Grim, have fun