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Greetings from Albert Park - New girl rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Whippet, Aug 23, 2006.

  1. Hi Netriders,

    I've been browsing for a few weeks and have enjoyed the friendly banter on this site - very amusing - who needs TV? But I do have one question. Do any of you work? My dogs aren't getting walked, the dinners haven't been cooked and forget the cleaning. This site is so addictive. I don't have much of a life, but now I can say I don't have one full stop.

    My name is Jen and I'm 35. I live in Albert Park - before it became overrun with 4WDs, BMWs and footballers wives (no offence intended - unless you are a footballers wife!). I've been on my Ls for a couple of months and finally bought a VTR250 three weeks ago after much research and deliberation. I'm over the moon. It rides beautifully and sounds great - much better than my bicycle with the cardboard flaps in the spokes!

    After driving my neighbours nuts doing the block for the first couple of days (toot toot - yes it's me...again!), i've been venturing out more and more. I even made it over to Williamstown without getting blown off the bridge and landing on top of the 'Spirit of Tassie'. I'm looking forward to longer rides - if only my white knuckles would relax. Can't wait to eventually go up to Healesville/Marysville/Great Ocean Road.

    I don't have many friends with bikes so any hints or advice would be greatly appreciated. Also any mentoring would be most welcomed, as I'm still getting the hang of it all and building my confidence.

    Hope to catch up on coffee nights soon. Keep the entertainment and insightfull info coming.

    - <-- By the way I'm in favour of the dash than the dot.
  2. Welcome Whippet, to the house of fun and amusement. Not to mention the odd loony that inhabits here as well.
    Come on down to the coffee nights. You will find lots of others with the same addiction as you do. Motorcycles.

    Keep the rubber side down.
  3. Hey Jen...

    I used to live in South Yarra and when got my 250 used to be up early on sunday mornings doing blockies...probably used to drive all my neighbours insane too... :grin:

    Good to hear that you're gaining confidence...if you've made it over the Westgate you're laughing...I had my bike for nearly a year before i went over...and even then that was coz i had a group of netriders with me on the way to williamstown before the main toy run... :grin:

  4. Welcome!

    You'll relax given time and confidence. Drive the neighbours nuts more.
  5. Welcome, Whippet!!

    If your looking for mentoring, STAY AWAY FROM LOZ!!


    Good to see more girlies on the forum...

    ... I am in favour of the dot... and the exclamation mark!!!...

    ~ Lenna ~
  6. Yeah, I'm unemployed and loving it!
    Looking forward to some work though, but at the moment it's letting me get things done.
    Have fun on your bike, I think older is a better time to learn to ride, less hormones, less invincibility, more commonsense and road savvy.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Welcome Whippet.

    Great choice of bike to learn on. Modelled on another favourite of mine: The Monster. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. Hi Jen,

    Welcome to the madness !! ;)

    We will probably see you at coffee one coming friday or saturday, not to far to venture.

    lol, I know the feeling, :grin: :grin:

    And don't worry about the neighbours, they love it, I know ours do :grin: :grin:
  9. Hi Jen,

    Yep I try to keep an eye on the forum from work!

    The confidence will grow but just be cautious as you will find drivers just don't see you or don't care!
    Note drivers = Zero head check! and like to tail gate!

  10. And you think YOU'RE addicted :LOL:

    Seriously, Jen welcome to our expanding playground. Stick around and watch the fun; and there'll be plenty of people anxious to impart their practical assistance with your riding, you'll be an expert in no time.... --
  11. Hello Jen, I had a freind called Jen, she moved to UK so I dont have a freind called Jen anymore.

    but I do now.
    Good to see you are getting out and about and riding will become second nature. When you are as addicted as me you will but a gear peg on your work chair and be clicking it up and down all the time.

    See you on the road
  12. Welcome Whippet,
    I'm new too and loving this thing already - heaps of excellent info. Especially found the guide on buying a second hand bike extremely useful (esp for someone like me who doesn't know much yet). Will hopefully be buying a bike this week and then let the neighbour annoyance begin!!
    My four-legged kids are also going to miss me I think :)
  13. Well you are situated right between the friday and Satruday coffee night venues, so get your face down there and bring your bike down for good measure. We don't bite... well most of us don't (I have heard stories about Vic)

    There is a lot of learning for technique and confidence that can be done by chatting with people down at coffee. Those white knuckles will go away as you learn more and get out there more.

    Happy Riding
  14. Welcome Whippet,

    Good to see another Bayside rider.
    Its a fine art juggling this forum and working.... :grin:


  15. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

    I'll look forward to meeting you all. Well I'm off for a quick ride before I head into work. Does anyone have a preference of rack bags? I need one for all my work gear - needs to be fairly big so I can start riding to work. I already have a rack.

  16. Gday Jen, welcome to the madhouse. :grin:
  17. :LOL: Thats pure gold.

    Welcome Jen
  18. Hey Jen welcome to the nut house, well apart from me i'm the only 'normal' one in here, THEM there all weird. :)
  19. Hi Jen

    There's nothing wrong with BMWs (as long as they only have 2 wheels) although I will confess that we do overrun Dundas Place a little on Saturdays with the BMW Club's coffee mornings. :LOL: If you're down that way and you see the bikes, pop in and say hello to the Beemer riders - we don't bite (most of them can't - they lost their teeth years ago :roll: )

    You've chosen a good first bike and I suspect it won't be long before you're doing some of those longer rides. Welcome to the madhouse and I feel sure you'll enjoy it here...

  20. I'm with G on tha Monster angle.
    G if ya readen this what Monster ya got?
    Anywat welcome Whippet :) :) :) :)