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Greetings from Adelaide!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NFXUS, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. hey everybody, my name's Daniel im 21, from Adelaide and im pretty new to two wheels... have my first bike for 4 months now, its a hyosung GT250R in black :D been reading the forums for a while now and finally decided to join.

    last night i was reading about the tank slapping thing in one of the posts, and coincidently i experienced it about an hour ago while plowing through the dirt into a log barrier :S i was going for a putt-putt through the hills when this left sweeper was coming towards me... didnt feel comfortable with the speed so i slowed down as much as i could with out locking up... hit a dirt patch and the next thing i know my handle bars were goin crazy! my indicator ripped off (fixed it just then, it just popped off), a gash down one of the left fairing and a slight crack on the bottem of the wheel guard...

    that was just the bike, my left leg was inbetween the bike and the wooden logs, so that kinda saved my bike a bit but my leg got a hammering. there's a gash on my shin and my right leg feels like it has had a major cramp... so what did i do... picked my indicator up, jumped back on the bike and kept goin like a man hahah

    Hows that for a first post? hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as i kinda enjoyed writing it... my legs hurt haha
  2. Hey Daniel, im also from Adelaide!
    Im prob even newer to this than you are, im certainly still working on gaining confidence! Where abouts in the hills were ya? Sounds pretty nasty, but lucky it was dirt and not off the hill! :p
    How bad is ya leg hurting now? Be careful dude. Dont wanna injure yourself too badly.. but good on ya for getting back on the horse (so to speak).
  3. the "notorious gorge rd" and actually it was a right sweeper, get my left and rights confused sometimes lol but yea my leg was good enough to go out to flashy and get drunk haha
  4. Hey Daniel, Welcome to NR.

    Maybe the gorge road is not quite for you at the moment.
    May I suggest you hook up with some riders from ridingsa.com

    keep it upright!