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Greetings from Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by blerko, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Browsing the forum, the system kept hinting "head over to the Welcome Lounge forum and say hello!". good idea...


    Back on a bike after around 20 years now that the kids can get from A to B themselves more and more and don't rely on Mum and Dad as a taxi to travel 4 different directions. I had been dreaming for a couple of years as the youngest got towards upper teens, mainly to keep an eye on the prices and if there was a "best time" to purchase. Probably confirmation bias in the end, but it looked like prices and sales peaked when spring arrived and/or when petrol jumped in price. So waited for autumn to set in and with petrol steady thanks to good aussie dollar, jumped into the market a couple of months ago.

    Started looking at scooters first for mainly inner-city riding and because there's no freeways here in Adelaide. Wanted something 250cc or over, but in the end, for me the best fit ended up being a 2004 Honda Deauville NT650 at around the same price of scooters of the same age. It's definitely a bike for the older rider - smooth and comfortable instead of zippy, and with plenty of secure storage and great economy. Best of all, the mid-touring appearance makes it quite visible on the road without being uncomfortable or too heavy for a shorter rider like me. Now the wife has got the bug and realised she can get her Ls on it, so I might have to hand over this one and get an NT700 down the track!

    Don't see many of these in Adelaide and after only a week on it, I thought I was in trouble when a cop bike pulled up beside me at the lights. Instantly relieved when it turned out he was admiring the look of it (and, as a tribute to the previous owner, everyone asks if it's new!) and wanted to ask my opinion of it. :grin:


  2. Welcome to the forums bierko, and welcome back to bikes.
  3. welcome to the forums mate!!!

    welcome back to two wheels.

    If you know where to look in SA, there are groups that go for regular scooter rides :D
  4. welcome (back) blerko

    You may well be the only Deauville owner on the forum (y).