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Greetings from Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Paragon, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just like to introduce myself. I've been riding now for about two years after getting into motorcycling a little later than I would have liked (got my learner's when I was 32).

    On the advice of an experienced rider, my first bike was the ubiquitous Honda CBR250RR. It was an absolute hoot! Unfortunately, while great for flying around the countryside, it was not particularly well suited to everyday commuting duties. I also found the cramped position was playing merry hell with an old football injury to my knee. After a couple of hours my knee would fill with fluid; so sports bikes are out.

    My current bike is a 2009 Honda CB400. This was much more like it - upright seating position, smooth throttle and nice retro looks. I am thoroughly enjoying it.

    My bike is my primary means of transport now, even when it's raining. I absolutely love to ride - I wish I had done it years ago. There is nothing better than taking a spin in the Adelaide Hills on a sunny day.

    I'm off my LAMS restriction in November. I really like the retro, UJM style of bike and am thinking of either a ZRX1200R or a GSX1400. Also on the list is one of the modern Triumph Bonneville SE's. Actually, there are heaps of bikes on my list!

  2. Hi Paragon and welcome to Netrider. Fabulous intro mate and great choice in your current ride, a favourite amongst many of our riders here in the forum.
    Enjoy !
  3. Hi Paragon,

    Great bike that. Well I haven't really compared it to many others, LOL. I like that Bonnie too. What do you reckon about the W800? I'm sure that is also on your list from your description.

    3 years on restrictions at your age? Its a bit different up here. I'll be off mine after 15 months in Sept. I don't think I'll be in a hurry to upgrade, though. Maybe after I take a few bikes for test rides it might be a different story.

    Welcommme to the forummm.
  4. welcome :)

    Naked bikes are the go!!!