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Greetings from Adelaide noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by newchick, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Name's Leah, I'm in Adelaide. I got my L's a couple months ago. Looking very slowly for a bike.

    As most people, I'm having a hard time with the family. My mum and dad are not loving the idea, but have said I should do what I want, and are happy i waited till i got a few years driving experience under my belt (i'm 24).

    My brother on the other hand (who i live with) went absolutely mental, saying he'd never speak to me again, would slash my tyres every morning, and lots more...the barrage of protest went on for over an hour. I never saw him react this way about anything so i was a bit shocked and put off buying one for a while. Good news is he's moving to Darwin soon.... So i'm on the prowl for my very own ride

    I've looked at
    Honda CBR125 (worried i'll 'outgrow' it & lack of power??)
    Honda CBR250 (or R or RR .... difference ????)
    Kawasaki ZZR250 (dont particularly like the look)

    Intend to look at
    Honda CB 250F
    Honda RVF 400
    Honda Spada
    Kawasaki GPX 250
    Kawasaki ZXR 250
    Suzuki GSX R250
    Yamaha FZR 250RR

    But finding it hard to find some of these in Adelaide. Also being a really new learner I can't test ride any of them. I've found out about most of these models from sumoto and a rider friend says basically there's a reason you don't see many of them on the road (not suitable for learners or not good qual). Also.....I have picked up on the general opinion of sumoto....... :wink:

    SO.......just to complete the pic i'm a 5'7 24yr old chick trying to find a bike that would be easy enough to learn on, not too expensive (up to around 3 or 4g)

    I have been reading this forum for days and have picked up some excellent advice. Ie no fairings for beginners (i know some of my suggestions do tho), spend time driving round parking lots, quiet back streets, how to lift a fallen bike, costs involved and loads more. I understand it's mostly about personal choice, but i'd really like everyones opinion, so i'm not getting a biased view (from my one biker mate).

    Also, any riding courses or practice sessions or what not available in adelaide??? Have only heard of them being interstate so far.


    On a side note, doing that L's course has made me a much better driver overall. Pro-active as opposed to re-active, and more considerate. I reckon some of the skills taught should be taught when going for car licence!
  2. hey mate, good to see another lady rider from Adelaide!!!

    Sumato don't have a store in Adelaide. And I'm not a fan of them.

    Suggest if you want some help/advice on where to shop in adelaide, I can send you a PM

    If you need help looking at a bike, I'm sure we can help out there too.

    first question is: what's your budget?

    if you see a lady riding a red Hornet 600 round Adelaide, that's me. :)
  3. Welcome Leah!

    Good to see another rider in Adelaide :grin:

    I am not the best person to be giving advice on bikes for learners etc because I have only been riding for about a month now. But I brought a 08 model Hyosung GT250R and absolutely love it!!! great feeling being out riding around, so I am sure it wont matter too much what bike you get you will love it. :wink:
  4. Hi guys,
    thanks for the warm welcome!
    I'll keep in touch regarding how my bike hunting is going
    Also, do you know any good spots a learner can practice?
    I'm just down the road from a pretty large car park, am thinking of putting round there for a while before venturing onto the streets. Kinda want to avoid roads like south and goodwood road for a while yet....
  5. The car park would be a great spot for some practice riding, or there is that track at Oaklands park. From what I hear (haven't been there myself) you can go there and practice for the advanced course at any time.
  6. G'day newchick and welcome.

    Which area are you in? Might help us advise on where to practice etc, i'd recommend a shopping center car park after hours.

    As for bike selection, personally I would go for a larger LAMS bike like a GS500, easy to learn on and the power should be enough for you not to get bored.

    Always looking for new people to ride with as well.
  7. yeah what area are you in?
    the oaklands park driving school is a great place to practice.

    can you give us some info as to what kind of first bike you're after?
    racing style or naked?
    might help direct you on where to shop
  8. hey guys,
    I'm at cumberland park, even did my L's course at oaklands park. They never mentioned we could ride there to practice. Seems like the sorta thing you'd mention.....oh well. Now i know!

    I'd love a road bike with fairings but have been advised against it as a learner coz i'll probably drop/crash/scratch it somehow. Still can't help but love them.....

    If i'm going naked bike probably the honda spada or CB250. Seems to get good reviews for reliability fuel effiency, rego & insurace etc. I've been thinking about this for months now and i'm so torn! Do i settle for a bike I don't really like all that much, for learning, or do i spend a bit more and get a bike i really do want, but i might damage????????

    I just have this bad feeling i'll end up regretting getting a bike i'm not that keen on!

    I'm willing to spend around $4000 on the bike itself.
  9. when you looked at the cbr250 did you get to have a ride of it?
    if so how did it feel?

    the basic differences between the r and the rr, is the tail section is different, the rr had twin front brakes while the r has single, slightly better suspension and abit more top end power on the rr i do believe

    it's definately worth spending the little bit extra to get what you want, but if you do go the naked path, your alot better off with the spada or even the newer vtr, then you are with cb250, as they are alot more sportier, and can be ridden more like a sports

    as for dropping the bike, it won't neccessarily happen, sure there is a chance, but there is always that chance with anyone, and it shouldn't stop someone from buying a faired bike at any stage, it comes down to personal preference every time, just take it easy during the learning period and you will be right

    couple of tips for once your on a bike to ensure you don't drop the bike, if your riding with a group of bikes whether it be 2 bikes, or 15, never feel pressured to ride faster then your comfortable with, ie don't chase experienced riders, and don't let a experienced rider that is following push you to go faster, wave them past if you do feel pressured

    when your under pressure your mind will start to wander from the basics, and this is when you might drop the bike

    find are rider that is willing to follow you at you pace, stopping every half an hour or so to get feed back about how you are riding

    oh and welcome to NR
  10. Definitely go for the bike you like most.......both in feel (if you can ride it) and in looks.
    Don't go naked just because someone says you will drop it. It's simply not true.

    There are a million different ways of minimising the risk of dropping a bike, and you should take into account the type of person you are, where and when you will be riding it etc to judge how likely you are to drop the bike.

    When i was looking for a bike it simply had to have fairings.....and i knew that i was only going to ride it on fine, sunny days, that i am a responsible person that isn't going to be pushed/encouraged to go outside my comfort zone by anyone else.....
    So i bought my ZZR, took it at my own pace, got to know the bike, sharpened my awareness of what other road users are doing, and so far, that has worked for me.....I dont think i'm indestructible by any means, but i am confident that i can control all the things i am capable of controlling, and i'm minimising my risk of having an accident.

    If you will be commuting on it rain hail or shine, then you are in a completely different senario though ;)

    Good luck! :)
  11. Welcome to the forums,

    Tough to hear about your family but I guess it helps to remember that they only have your best itentions at heart.

    Now wave back if you see an asian bloke on a black scooter wave at you!
  12. big enthusiast of the zzr/gpx option... my gpx certainly did the job till i got my ninja, yes im biased.. the gpx when ridden hard would keep up with the 600's in our group and often had 6-800s riding behind it thru the twisties , even over took 2 R6's on one of our rides :p

    so they can be ridden fast and hard if u like it that way. or thru traffic are great for splitting being semi faired have still got a reasonable turning circle and can complete the whole ride safe course and pass.

    my gpx is currently getting an engine rebuild. so when its back im happy to meet down at oaklands and let u have a ride on the ridesafe course. im planning to sell it, but have a buyer already. so wont be avail. but if it gives u a feel for a bike.. happy to help, and i live not far away so no real stress to me.

    my suggestions would be steer away from CBRRRRRRRRRRR's over priced thrashed out POS's on most parts. bright paint and low km.. usually hide lies and issues later on.

    CB/SPADA/VTR go the SPADE or VTR CB's are just well...... CB's

    edglette can expand on that... great commuters but if u wish to ride a bit more than to and from work.. then certainly look elsewhere.

    good luck and hope to see u round!
  13. Hi newchick!

    Welcome to the world of biking. Good luck with your first purchase.

    This site should be able to answer a lot of your questions on riding and bike choice, but for a bit more information on SA specific topics in terms of what bike you can purchase and the good places to get them, as well as the decent places to ride in SA, have a look at: http://www.ridingsa.com/ Which is a website devoted to South Australian bikes and riders.

    (I think it's ok to post the link to the ridingsa website, as it's not advertising anything of a commercial nature. Mods, if there's an issue please let me know).
  14. Welcome Leah cuddle.

    Take up arms, & kindly tell him to get effed nunu.

    whisper. "Umm.. Leah. To complete the picture, a photo is required"

  15. Forget the Spada and the CB250. Go straight out and have a look at the Honda VTR250. Best learners bike around.
  16. hello and welcome from another noobie
  17. ER-6n Kawasaki
    Hottest bikes on the road w/out fairing
    A nice ride, comfortable, and the black and red ones look awesome :D Also a wicked orange and green one, or just plain black.
  18. Hey everyone,
    Thanks so much for the warm welcome...
    .....so to acknowledge a few posts.
    Thanks for the link to riding sa website! that sounds like the kinda thing i'm after....lots of support and helpful local info.

    haha i would post a photo bit i am what one would call "technologically challenged"

    Yep i'd be riding only on nice days (read: dry & not too windy) and wont 'need' it as my sole form of transport....only for fun!

    Haven't ridden any bikes (apart from the yamaha 225 scorpion i did my L's on) so it's been hard to try researching the best bike for me based purely on looks!

    Sounds like the kawasaki GPX could be a good one, or the honda VTR 250....are they a 2 stroke? i've been advised against 2 strokes for some reason....Haven't heard of the ER-6n but the '6' in the name suggests it's a 600cc and not avail to learners....but i'll look it up anyway!

    Considering how new I am to all of this, I don't think i'll be hungry for more power any time soon...a nice looking 250 will do me just fine I reckon!
  19. Hey Leah!
    Good on ya for getting your license! Im going for my L's soon. Im reading this post with great interest, as Im also a chic from Adelaide. Good luck with it all, and again, Congrats!
  20. hay BlueEyedBaby,
    Thanks for the post. Have you ridden before? I had only ever ridden a honda xr50 before getting my licence. Still looking for a bike. Good luck with getting your L's. So long as you pay attention, and have a even a basic level of co-ordination you will be fine!!!
    Hey, when you do get them, gimme a buzz and lets go learner cruisin together!