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Greetings from a Yank in Missouri, USA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Freedom217, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. I've toured parts of the United States, but I've dreamt of touring Australia. My current ride is a 2007 Harley Softail Standard (FXST). I'll post pics once I'm cleared to do that on this forum.

    I need to wrap my mind around what I need to do once I have my ETA for a 3 month visit to Australia. Such as, ship my bike and tour with it, or buy a bike once I'm there and sell it when I'm done. So, I'll be looking at used bike classifieds....

    Insurance, licensure, and any regulations concerning bringing my bike there vs buying one once I get there.

    Any help or advice you can give me will be appreciated, y'all! This yank needs an orientation to Aussie motorcycling rules & regs so as not to spend $$ or time locked up somewhere.

    Jim aka 'Freedom'
  2. Well firstly, greetings and welcome, Freedom217 - nice to have you along.

    Some of the things you need to know I may be able to help with, but I've never travelled overseas and I don't really know what the situation is in regard to shipping in your own bike V buying one here and selling it again. I'm not a Harley / cruiser rider, (Kawasaki ZX14 myself) but I do know we have a very healthy Harley market, and I would think you could pick one up that was (say) 4 years old, ride it around, do a scheduled service and detail it, and sell it again for pretty much what you paid for it. (Assuming you bought wisely and sold wisely.)

    Traffic laws in Au are under state control, and while they're pretty much the same, there are some differences in the details. Google should give you the state transport authorities to each state you're interested in visiting. You guys have 50 of them, but we only have 7. (The ACT doesn't count - and their rules are pretty much the same as New South Wales anyway.) You can come here on an international license, but you do need to know what the rules of the road are here. We ride on the other side of the road, for one thing ... I think an international license is good for up to 12 months, but you might want to check that.

    Wildlife on the road is a danger - we don't have Moose or Bison, but we have kangaroos and emus and foxes and rabbits, wombats ... and a few idiot car drivers.

    Parts of this country are seriously remote. Once you get away from the eastern seaboard and the major cities, population density drops to levels that very few places in the US can match. We have roughly the same land area, but you guys have roughly 10 times the number of people. The strip up and down the east coast would probably seem quite familiar to you, but once you head west, ... big empty spaces.

    Just reading through this forum should give you some idea what the riding environment is like. Bear in mind that this is quite a large forum, mostly Australian, that about 70% of it is quite new young riders, and a few old hands. There are a lot of beginner questions, often the same ones repeated over and over.

    You shouldn't get locked up anywhere, unless you do something fairly ... offensive. We're not Indonesia or some 3rd world country where law enforcement is a game to shake down wealthy gringos. ... usually ... (joke.)
  3. Welcome Jim. Do you know where u'r gonna go yet? It would help if you know the places u'r gonna visit and can hook up with some of us on the road.
  4. With regards to the International Licence, unless the laws have changed he can drive on his US licence. Victoria, at least, requires visitors to get a Vic licence if they are staying longer than 3 months.
  5. Welcome. Sounds like a fun trip. I'm pretty sure there's a thread on here where much of this has been discussed. The end conclusion seemed to be that it would be cheaper to buy/sell than import IIRC. you may loose a little, but less than the cost of bringing it over. I think.

    One of the guys on here recently completed a solo trip around oz. he might be able to give you some details.
  6. Hi Jim and welcome to NR.

    Does depend exactly where you want to tour but stick to the edges and you shouldn't have too much trouble. It's mostly civilised.
  7. Thanks everyone for the welcome and the suggestions! I'm getting ready to head to Hawaii for my daughter's wedding on 11-11-11. I'll catch y'all later mates.
  8. Have a good time in Hawaii. Lovely place.

    (oh, we don't usually say "gidday mates" or similar. Lot of the young 'uns tend to talk like refugees from Harlem...)
  9. Welcome to NR. Sounds like a fun trip. I aim to do the reverse one day. Hire/buy a bike and travel around the US. :)

    IMHO, it would be easier to rent a bike here and it would cover roadside assistance, insurance etc as part of of the deal.
  10. I think costs for shipping would be close to line ball with a buy-and-sell deal, although bikes in Oz cost a lot more than in the US. You could potentially lose quite a lot of time clearing Customs (import regulation etc.) if you bring your own bike - beware dodgy shipping operators.

    What time of year, and what are your route plans?
  11. Getting your bike & riding it here might be a hassle. You most likely need to register it & compliance it for Australian design rules...high beam indicator lights, km/hr speedo & a few silly things like that. Not really sure on that for 'temporary' permits though???

    Roads probably aren't as 'nice' or smooth as yours over there. Our major highways & freeways are ok but it doesn't take long before you're off the beaten track so to speak!

    Loads of grey nomads & semi-trailers (4 or 5 trailers long)!!
  12. From what I've seen harleys sell at a premium. Might look at buying another brand used bike. One way to ship mine is $1800 US. To rent a Harley is $90 AU per day. Times 90 days--ouch!

    Any of you that make it out my way have a place to stay a couple of nights.

    I catch my plane to Hawaii tomorrow for my daughter's wedding.

    Keep the shiny side up!

    Freedom aka Jim
  13. Timing for this I'm thinking catching part of the Oz spring/summer or summer/fall. I expect with a 3 month ETA I can touch all 7 states with a focus on the coast from Perth around through Sidney and around up to Darwin with an inside run to Alice Springs. I need to get up to speed on camping facilities/accomodations too.

    Now I'm off to the airport for my flight to my daughter's wedding in Honolulu.