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Greetings from a viking!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by misternyborg, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. Hey guys,
    been lurking around this forum for quite some time after moving to Melbourne and getting my first bike down here. I just moved from Norway in february, to beautiful Melbourne for a year or so, finishing up my bachelors degree in visual communication and photography. Back in Norway I've been riding mainly scooters for the last 8 years, as they are a tad more practical with their storage room. Havent had much experience with bigger bikes so far, but the time will certainly come, probably when I return from AU.

    After getting a myki and realizing how much one can pay to get somewhere at a snails pace, paired up with a coulple of dunks and public transport-DJs, I found it best to find myself a bike to get around town. I picked up a Honda VTR 250 with 30k on the clock, a light and agile playmate to skip around town with. You'll probably have to bear with me though: I am mechanically oriented, and really like to fix things myself, both saves money and enriches my knowledge. Chances are I'll be posting some threads to get some guidance, I love working with my bike and getting to know its ins and outs.

    Coming from Norway it was quite a difference getting used to left hand driving, but it all worked out after some interesting rounds in easty traffic. I must say, the people here in Australia (in general) are super nice. Wherever I go, that being a bar, resturant, Coles or Bunnings for that matter, people are very helpful and genuinely interested in helping you out. It is amazing. BUT, once the average joe gets behind the wheel, mayhem ensues! I still haven't been able to wrap my head around why all these people turn into road-raging maniacs, flipping each other off at intersections and using the horn as often as the indicator.

    Anyway, that was my introduction, looking forward to getting acquainted with this forum and all its members! If there should be any questions, fire away!
  2. Back in Norway I've been riding mainly scooters for the last 8 years

    Must have been a hell of wind chill factor blowing over that vagina ;)
    Welcome Mr borg.
  3. Welcome Ragnar Lodbrok.
  4. Welcome to NR..

    Hope you enjoy your stay here..

    Come down to the sat prac session one of these days...
  5. have you got any sisters?
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  6. And are they hot?

    Welcome to Nutrider!
  7. Haha, well, you know, life as a student isn't always as lucrative as it should be. Luckily I worked my ass off for this trip down under, and have a spacious enough budget to get a small bike ;)

    Thanks, that sounds cool! Really need to make some more friends around town too. Where is it at? I guess there is a thread for it somewhere? As I mentioned I am a photographer too, and have been a automotive photographer for the last two years back in Norway... I guess people are up for some new profile pictures too? :)

    As a matter of fact, I do.
    I guess so, she's recently single too... Too bad you missed out when she visited during easter ;)
  8. Too bad I'm married. ;)
  9. Welcome to Melbourne...have spent time with and have relos in Norway, and love it. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  10. welcome aboard mate :]