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Greetings from a nooobie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Garou, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. Hello to everyone, I have finally joined up to the forums after having been sulking around and reading them for quite a while now. So I thought I would introduce myself.

    I am still currently in the process of organising to do my learners, so I have yet to officially join the ranks of the leather clad two wheelers, I am however looking forward to it.

    I'm a suspiciously geeky guy from the Western burbs here in melbourne who has always liked bikes, but never really been in the mindset or had the means to take the plunge. This is finally now changing, so hopefully before the year is out I will cruising the roads with some good friends.

    So I look forward to chatting with and meeting people, particularly from out here in the west. And I also expect to drive you all crazy with many very obvious and stupid questions as I come to grips with a brand new bike. :?

    Until later....

  2. gotta start somewhere mate, and to be honest, the more knowledge you get pre-riding the safer you will be.
    welcome and good luck!
  3. Hello and welcome.

    Good luck with getting the licence and finding the bike ect ,it's alot of fun.
  4. Welcome garou, to the growing ranks of both motorcycling, and to Netrider in particular. Many a rider here has trod the same puzzling and hazardous path upon which you are embarking. Listen to them and you'll save a lot of mistakes.....
  5. Welcome to the forums Garou :grin:
    Go book yourself in for your learners TODAY!!!
  6. Welcome to the crazy house. :p
    Hope to see you on a bike soon.
  7. Ah, this one looks familiar. :)

    Welcome to the fold - its about time you finally logged in!

    Don't forget all the NR events you can go to even prior to getting a bike - Friday coffee in Southbank, Saturday coffee in St Kilda, Sunday coffee in Preston, Monday coffee in Williamstown... actually, anywhere the serve coffee you'll probably find Netriders... :p

    Let me know when you're going to drop by for an event - I'll make sure you're introduced around.
  8. Voyager & I have been saying that for months!

    And if he doesn't I will.
  9. Welcome garou
    Hope you get your L's soon and get on ya bike.
  10. hi there,

    hurry up and do it, you wont regret it!!! :grin:

  11. Hurry up & get your L's xmas is just around the corner
    think of all the bike goodies you could get.